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Inflatable Bird Legs

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Birds with no legs can be quite a sight during take off and landing, but consider the chaffing. Previous prosthesis concepts for the feathered feetless, such as ornamental pronglets, the wheels of descent, and the cruel and unusual 'birdapault' have had mixed success in returning these creatures to the sky. The main problem arises in the considerable weight of the appendages, and for a disabled parrot or sea bird this can often be the last straw.

Inflatable bird's legs could well be the key to this not too often debated issue. Attached with a little harness over any remaining stumps, they are shaped much like their previous legs but with a large circular base at the end of each for stability. These birds may once again fly about landing and taking off for as long as the air in their legs them keeps them upright.

Once you notice deflation starting to occur, they are quite simple to retrieve in their prone condition. The inflation nozzle is found just underneath the tail, and with a few ample breaths you can soon have the little fellow hobbling about ready to fly once more.

benfrost, Feb 10 2005

The $2 answer to "Why are pigeon's feet seldom normal?" http://answers.goog...hreadview?id=344307
[Worldgineer, Feb 10 2005]

Pigeons http://members.trip..._pigeon_gallery.htm
must be quite genetically flexible. Perhaps you could breed in some extra lungs to help with inflation? [Worldgineer, Feb 10 2005]

A survivor's tale http://petplace.net...dly.asp?conID=19306
[robinism, Feb 10 2005]


       that would teach them to land on your car as you drive about the city with a pigeon or two stuck to your roof.
benfrost, Feb 10 2005

       I'm not blowing up a birds butt. Make a pump actuated by wing action, with a pressure overflow valve.
normzone, Feb 10 2005

       Oh the wonders of gonflable!
skinflaps, Feb 10 2005

       Now I can eat my drumsticks with a better conscience.
FarmerJohn, Feb 10 2005

       I obviously live in a parallel universe because i have absolutely no idea what this is about. I'm aware of birds with small or short legs but not birds with no legs, unless they've undergone some mishap. Am i just lacking a sense of humour? Someone please tell me what on earth you're talking about.
nineteenthly, Feb 10 2005

       [nineteenthly] perhaps.
benfrost, Feb 10 2005

       Ahm just misr'ble sorry 'bout all them legless crows. Honest ah ahm. I just git ta vibratin angry with'ar racket somatimes.
JungFrankenstein, Feb 10 2005

       Hahahahahaha! Suction cups!!!!!! HAHAHAHA! +
DesertFox, Feb 10 2005

       gr8 When will this bake? when will broken birds fly and walk naturally again?
kamathln, Feb 10 2005

       Och, come on, nineteenthly, you must have seen a few stumpy-of-leg pigeons around the place. They seem to congregate in train stations. I don't know how they get like this - I always assumed it was because they tried to perch on the overhead lines and their feet were burned off, but I might be wrong.   

       + for the idea. I loathe pigeons, but I don't like the thought of them getting a bruised arse every time they swoop down to eat a discarded gherkin or a fag-end.
salachair, Feb 10 2005

       someone said their feet get burnt off by the acid in the poop that they continually stand in. not sure how true that is but it sounds feasible.
po, Feb 10 2005

       po, stop making me feel sorry for the manky articles!
salachair, Feb 10 2005

       [salachair], I've seen pigeons with missing toes but not entire legs missing. I know birds can perch on powerlines without coming to harm because they're not earthed. I wonder why it happens, though. It could be attacks by predators, something like leprosy, frostbite or malnutrition. I must know!
nineteenthly, Feb 10 2005

       There was an advert on the London Underground last year that put pigeons against rats: 1 leg against 4. I can't remember what it was for though!. There are plent pigeons that only have one leg. Natural selection I say.
gnomethang, Feb 10 2005

       For all those legless pigeons, funny you never see pigeon legs just lying around.   

       PS..I've never seen legless pigeons myself, either, 19thly, but have seen deformed, missing a toe ones. Because of that I try not to look at pigeons' feet.
Machiavelli, Feb 10 2005

       Maybe they've been like that since they hatched. Perhaps there just are no bits to be found.
nineteenthly, Feb 10 2005

       :} "not too often debated issue" ... until it gets here.   

       I'm just glad nobody lamely suggested giving them a wooden leg, with an eyepatch and turning them into "pirate pigeons".
sophocles, Feb 10 2005

       Oh my God, that's fantastic, [sophocles]!
Machiavelli, Feb 10 2005

       Balsa wood would work. It's very light. Yar.
Worldgineer, Feb 10 2005

       aww!//a wooden leg, with an eyepatch and turning them into "pirate pigeons// what would sit on their shoulders? wee hummingbirds? cute.
po, Feb 10 2005

       Maybe reverse roles and have a Barbie doll on the bird's shoulder.
Machiavelli, Feb 10 2005

       Grey bird singing in the dead of night
Take this wooden leg and learn to fly...
robinism, Feb 10 2005

       Inflatable bird legs aren't new. They can be found on any british inflatable doll.
robinism, Feb 10 2005

       this would also be useful for lame ducks.
sophocles, Feb 10 2005

       no more sitting ducks?
benfrost, Feb 11 2005

       According to the link posted by [Worldgineer], most mono-podal pigeons got that way because of an infection picked up from droppings. (similar to what po said). So maybe some pigeon podiatrist needs to invent little rubbers (or wellies, for british pigeons) to protect their feet from getting infected in the first place.
robinism, Feb 11 2005


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