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Infant Transport

After a while, anything gets heavy.
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Simple idea. Take a motorized platform, 1 foot wide and 3 feet long, that can be controled remotely. On that platform fashion a set of mounts similar to those found in cars for baby carriages. As well as a single tube roll bar that is attached at the front and back end of the platform. Step one: Place baby in carriage. Step two: Place carriage on platform. Step three: Lock carriage into place. Platform would be small enough to be placed on the floor of the car and would come with adaptors so it can be charged both at home and in the car. Platform would have a 3-5 mile range depending on speed and terrain. Advantages over stroller. Strollers are large and cumbersome. Strollers aren't motorized. Strollers dont have roll bars and are no fun for the parents.
10clock, Jun 16 2005


       I really want an illustration with this one.
zeno, Jun 16 2005

       Its a very simple design. The roll bar prevents the ground from reaching the baby. Most carriages are of very sturdy design. The platform would move at a walking pace. It would have one speed and a high amount of torque. The remote control would send a kill signal to the platform if it got out of lets say a 10 foot range. This of course for the safety of the child.
10clock, Jun 17 2005


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