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Inflatable Parka

Combine the convenience of the kagool with the warmth of a parka
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Basically a parka that you can fit in a pocket. Once inflated, the air would provide a warm insulated layer. Plus the benefit of a snorkel hood whenever you need it.
dare99, Mar 02 2002


       How would you stop it being very restrictive to your movements?
mcscotland, Mar 02 2002

       Don't inflate it to it's limits, just do it softly
dare99, Mar 02 2002

       Then you will get patches where there is no air pocket, which will be cold.
mcscotland, Mar 02 2002

       Air really isn't that good an insulator (witness that it feels cold against your skin to begin with). Maybe if there were an array of air bladders...   

       Then again, if we assume this is for emergency use only, maybe it could be kept it in the trunk of the car and inflated with (warm) exhaust from the tail pipe. If your car breaks down in a snowstorm, you could inflate the parka and examine the situation.
phoenix, Mar 02 2002

       MOVING air is not a good insulator. Most insulation works by holding the same air...that's why both fur and fiberglass is fluffy.
StarChaser, Mar 02 2002


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