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Masks that smell like cinnamon and cloves

So people might wear them...
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You know this makes so much sense.

1. Cinnamon has some anti-microbial properties, and can be mildly anti-viral depending on the virus.
2. I'm quite addicted to the smell of cloves. And cinnabuns, and so are fat anti-maskers. They will want to sniff them all the time.
3. Stores already know the clove and cinnamon addiction. They spray the scent every year during holiday shopping time to get people in the spending mood. There might be a Pavlovian link here to take advantage of, so economic boost.

RayfordSteele, Dec 21 2020


       Hmmmm. Well, the "beak" of the medieval plague-doctor masks were used to hold quantities of various herbs that allegedly had prophylactic properties, although in terms of biosecurity the costume design (including shielding the face) is actually not at all bad - maybe it was evolved through simple experience of what worked, perhaps from a monastic cowled robe. Monasteries were major providers of healthcare in that era.   

       So, "Scented masks for plague" is Baked and WKTE, but there is just enough innovation here to save it from an mfd.   

       [kdf]'s idea is good as far as it goes, but might have the undesirable short term side effect of uncontrollable drooling, and in the medium to long term of substantial weight gain from bacon consumption.
8th of 7, Dec 21 2020

       Perfection solution. I have just the coworker who would go for these if they were available. (Well soon to be ex-coworker. They won't wear masks, I ain't staying. Dummies.)   

       And no, no bacon, kdf. The vegans will do bad things to you.
blissmiss, Dec 21 2020

       // The vegans will do bad things to you. //   

       What, like demolish the planet to build a hyperspace bypass ? Oh VEGANS ... yes, how terrifying ... what are they going to do, send bad karma at you ? Like anyone's scared of a bunch of whey-faced bearded treehuggers in sandals and kaftans ... and the men are just as bad.   

       Just dab a bit of lard behind your ears and they'll run screaming for the woods.
8th of 7, Dec 21 2020

       That begs the question "Why, when visiting an alien planet, did Messrs. Kirk and Co. only ever take phasers as weapons, because they seemed horribly vulnerable to jamming ?"; a bat'leth would have been handy in many situations, rather than resorting to mere fisticuffs, and Spock was clearly proficient with a lirpa. Even a decent Bowie knife could have been useful, let alone an M1911 Colt, which is purely mechanical in operation.   

       But no, James T. invariably has to duke it out toe-to-toe with his opponent - except Trelane, who at least had the apparent decency to supply fencing foils. But then that's the Q all over ... petulant gits.
8th of 7, Dec 21 2020

       This reminds me of my cunning idea for a new sexual lubricant that blocks smells.   

       So, scent chemicals occupy receptors in the nose. If you find other chemicals that nestle in the same resceptor they can either, Smell/activate, occupy but do noting/block/passivate/ and sometimes, under some circumsances, occupy the receptor and turn its base rate of activation down/decrease a scent   

       So, just find organis chemicals that do this for the electrophoretically concentrated smells of genitals and anuses and you have a sexual lubricant that:   

       Blocks genital scent, perhaps right when your face is right there.   

       Also, a completely different product and one that requires some kind of change to the biology of human body surface bacteria would be deodorant bacteria. They would make chemicals that occupied human smell receptors, but blocked and passivated them, making the person being smelled odorless. In fact making the person smelled blocking the body odor of any other humans around as well!
beanangel, Dec 22 2020

       //blocks * scent// [Bean], I suspect this is the chemical mechanism of Febreeze™. In fact, those fiendishly clever chemists had to add 'flavours' to Febreeze because the lack of any scent at all was unnerving to consumers.
Sgt Teacup, Dec 22 2020

       //This reminds me of my cunning idea for a new sexual lubricant that blocks smells.//   

       beans been hanging with benfrost, methinks.
blissmiss, Dec 22 2020


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