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Inflatable Shoe Shine

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Inserted in your trousers is a string, that once pulled, inflates a life-like man, who seems to be hunched over at your shoe area - that enlarges from a special pack in your lower pant region.

Go into a park at lunch time, and when it is apparant that Gladys, Jill, Terrence or even Eleanor seems to be approaching, give your Inflatable Shoe Shine string a quick tug, and your workmates will think that you have great concern for the appearance of your shoes.

If they come too close, tell them it is merely a new fashion trend from Finland.

benfrost, Jul 08 2005


       //Gladys, Jill, Terrence or even Eleanor seems to be approaching//
What happens if another person approaches? What about someone called Ivan?.....You just havn't thought about these issues.
Minimal, Jul 08 2005


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