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Ladder Pants

Great for parties, or for babysitters who have lost their bargaining power to a sour economy.
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This is an idea for a pair of pants that enables young children to climb up an adult into the piggy-back position without a need for the adult to crouch down. Made from sturdy denim, the back of each pant leg is stepped with a series of cloth rungs. The pants are in fact overalls, thus providing space for the rungs to continue in a single flight upward past the stern and to shoulders. The shoulder area may be equipped with optional accessories, including a bell for signaling each successful ascent, a rope for rappelling back down, and a hammock for napping at 1.5 meters.
swimswim, Dec 05 2009

Of no relation to Stair Pants Stair_20pants
(for cats) [swimswim, Dec 05 2009]

Sports illustrated [swimswim]suit addition. http://s68.photobuc...ent=ladderpants.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 08 2009]


       Should also come with a fun mini garrote for aspiring assassins.
leinypoo13, Dec 05 2009

       Perhaps a well-placed pole would be of assistance... sorry, that's an in-joke that is a bit before your time here...
RayfordSteele, Dec 05 2009

       I forgot about p-pants, hahahaha. Putting on serious face now, I think the idea is cute. And very well intended. + Not enough piggy back riding is done, from what I see.
blissmiss, Dec 05 2009

       Wouldn't each rung of a ladder be prone to catch on various things as you as walk past them? [+]
Aristotle, Dec 06 2009

       Correct [Aristotle], ladder pants should not be worn in brier patches or in coat hanger factories.
swimswim, Dec 06 2009

       The pants should be loose fit so that squirrels and weasels can climb up inside.
ldischler, Dec 07 2009

       [ld], just for you, R&D has produced a pair of loose fit Ladder Pants, with draw-strings at the bottoms so that you can make sure the rodents and weasels stay where you put them.
swimswim, Dec 07 2009

       "Hand me my ice-axe!"
wagster, Dec 07 2009

       Notice on the back of baseball cap.   

       "This is NOT a step"   

       Unfortunately, 8 of 10 climbers have not yet learned to read.
outloud, Dec 08 2009

       + awww, very cute idea!
xandram, Dec 09 2009

       A winner with such marketing slogans as... "Mothers! Sick of your weak-limbed children?" and "Ever wished you still had an Australopithecine parent's body hair?" &c.
tactik, Dec 09 2009


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