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Ladder Pants P.R.O.

for Perilous Rescue Operations
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After significant further R&D, I am pleased to announce the release of Ladder Pants P.R.O., a toughened-up version of the original Ladder Pants trousers (see link), targeted specifically to Fire & Rescue squads. Ladder Pants P.R.O. are designed with two important additional features: (1) kevlar-reinforcement of the pants and ladder-rungs, for supporting the weight of adult climbers, and (2) carabiner locking loops at the shoulders and bottoms of the pant legs. The carabiner locks enable a particularly important maneuver, herein described: after rescue worker B has climbed onto the shoulders of A, he then locks the bottom of his Ladder Pants to the shoulders of A's Ladder Pants. Rescue worker C can then proceed to climb up both A and B. Once on B's shoulders, C then locks his Ladder Pants to the shoulders of B's Ladder Pants; and this process can continue with as many additions as the rescue squad has trained for. When the top person reaches a specified destination, say a 2nd or 3rd floor window of a burning building, he hooks his Ladder Pants to something solid, and rescue worker A can then climb up the chain of Ladder Pants from the bottom; followed by B, C, etc. This is particularly useful, obviously, when the rescue squad finds itself in a situation without a traditional ladder. With optional shoulder-mounted inflatable floats, Ladder Pants Pro are also useful for crossing rivers or pits of quicksand and/or despair.
swimswim, Dec 07 2009

Ladder Pants Ladder_20Pants
the casual wear version [swimswim, Dec 07 2009]

Ladder pants eXtreme!!! Ladder_20pants_20eXtreme!!!
Don't be fooled by imitations. [swimswim, Dec 07 2009]


       As the bottom person would have to be extremely strong, these pants would only work for circus performers and Russian Dolls.
leinypoo13, Dec 07 2009

       Not for the noodle-legged, intense physical training is an important phase of the development of any member of a Ladder Pants emergency response squad. Circus performers, yes. Russian dolls...?
swimswim, Dec 07 2009

       Yer killin me here. I took a notion to illustrate 'Ladder Pants', and it's already obsolete!   

       I don't work that fast dangit.   

       God I miss having [bristolz] and [Farmer John] around...and [hob] and [DeGroof], and [Waugs] and [Absterge] and [Beauxeault] and [Unabubba] and...and... the list is gittin too long.   

       <finishes lunch and heads back to work muttering>   


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