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Inflatable crystal ball

Space saving device for the travelling fortune teller.
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Traditional travelling fortune tellers are well known for sitting in small old-fashioned caravans and gazing into a crystal ball, a rather bulky device used to predict the future. Since the off-duty fortune teller must also live in this small caravan, it would be helpful to save space where possible.

This improved device would be similar to the old, except that it would would be more compact when not in use. It could either be made of a plastic with a high refractive index, or if that proved not fit for purpose when just filled with air, could be filled with water instead. The valve for inflation would be placed on the bottom to prevent it altering any readings.

The new type could also be filled with helium until neutral bouyancy thus allowing readings to be taken from a mystically levitating crystal ball.

TomP, Aug 15 2011

Refractive indexes of water and various plastics http://answers.yaho...100729090429AAkTIQ5
Poly(hepta-FBMA) looks close [csea, Aug 15 2011]


       I predict croissants.
methinksnot, Aug 15 2011

       Lovely. +
blissmiss, Aug 15 2011

       [+] Added potential to this: you can fill it up with tea and do a double reading, or put it on the head of the person being read to get a "personalized" reading
nickthird, Aug 17 2011


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