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Lifespan Watch

Displays how much life you have left.
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Simply input your height, weight, and age into the watch to see the estimated time you have left. As it counts down, It will automatically adjust by reading your heart rate as you exersize and rest. More advanced models could allow you to scroll through a list of foods, drinks, cigarettes, etc. so you could input them as you consume them. As you make healthy choices you will see the effect on your lifespan.
starvedison, Feb 04 2008

Like this, but on your wrist http://www.deathclock.com/
[theleopard, Feb 04 2008]

Life watch Life_20Watch
You know you have a good idea when someone else thought of it first. [Ling, Feb 04 2008]


       My grandfather's was too large for the shelf
So it stood ninety years on the floor.
pertinax, Feb 04 2008

       The clock about which that song was written was kept in a pub about five miles from where I live. It was written by the same guy who wrote "Marching through Georgia".
angel, Feb 04 2008

       Will this device also estimate the chances of me being hit by a bus? You then want to make the calculation about the chances of being hit by a bus by the time X, where X is the expected time of death due to 'natural' causes (cigarettes, for example).   

       This means that you can make better judgements about your lifestyle:
<shimmering segue into the future>
"Hmmm. My Lifespan Watch reckons that I have a 55% chance of being found crumpled under the chasis of the No. 44a by Christmas... I may as well have that extra fatty cream cake today"
<more shimmering as scene resets>
<ditto shimmering>
"Oh no. My Lifespan watch says that my cholesterol is going to constrict my heart within 3 years unless I change my diet now. Oh - but I'm not due to be killed by a freak accident involving a skydiving Elvis witha faulty parachute until January 2034. I'd better get working on that cholesterol then!"<etc...>
Jinbish, Feb 04 2008

       Was that good cholesterol or bad cholesterol I just ate? Are eggs good or bad this week? Oat bran, savior or demon? Is my morning jog good or is it just aggrivating my previously unknown faulty heart valve? Is havng sex good exercise or exposing me to a new STD that scientists are just identifying?   

       My grandfather ate so much salt that I don't know how he survived past 20. He had it on ice cream! He put so much on it most of his food, it looked like snow. He ate lard everyday, it was a condiment. He died at 98, by slipping and hitting his head. I think his watch would have told him he died long ago.   

       No one knows when you're going to die. If you don't trust me ask Jim Fixx.
MisterQED, Feb 04 2008

       if you get so engrossed with the "stats" of living, you'd miss out on the living part - big time.
pyggy potamus, Feb 04 2008

       Hullo, Hullo.
Jinbish, Feb 04 2008

       Time to set my watch. Let's see, it's cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger, heroin, stepped on a rusty nail, cheeseburger. Spoonful of cod liver oil, and I'm doing great! Thanks, Lifespan Watch!
Amos Kito, Feb 04 2008


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