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Length not height

A more holistic measurement
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The size of a human person is usually given as their height when they are standing upright.

I suggest that this be phased out and replaced by the measurement of their total length when lying prone and stretched out, fingertip to toetip.

pocmloc, Apr 07 2011

World's Longest Fingernails http://www.worldslongestfingernails.com/
Person most likely to starve to death at a finger buffet. I couldn't bring myself to do a similar search for toenails. [DrBob, Apr 08 2011]


       but why? I can't figure how it really matters and would be of amputees??
xandram, Apr 07 2011

       It would be far more variable, as limb length can be very different for two people who are the same height. (an aquaintance of mine is about the same height as me, but my legs are about a foot longer than hers).
Also, which arm and leg do you use, as some people (me, for instance) have two (very) different length arms.
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 07 2011

       Wait! Weight.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 07 2011

       Height is more appropriate for construction workers who need to know how high a door or ceiling should be. Length is more appropriate for the person themself. Can you reach that item on the top shelf? How high is the shelf compared to your length? Should the heights or lengths of those returning from space be measured differently, for instance, after their body becomes reacquainted with 1g?
Ayelis, Apr 07 2011

       It's just a good thing that we aren't measured from the arch of the foot to the base of the tonsils is all I'm sayin.   

       This would be useful for paraplegics and people who can't stand up. The word "height" is not quite accurate for them.
phundug, Apr 08 2011

       This idea is not meant to be practical. Also no need to worry about the technical details, so those missing body parts etc. are safe - the idea is simply to get the maximum possible dimension.
pocmloc, Apr 08 2011

       I saw a programme on television a few years ago about undertakers and their job. One of the undertakers referred to a friend, who had died recently, with the words "Ah yes, he was quite a long man".
hippo, Apr 08 2011

       When you say 'fingertip', pocmloc, are we taking fingernail length into account here? <link>
DrBob, Apr 08 2011

       If you're looking for a mximum possible dimension, then 'perimeter of elevation' would be a good candidate.   

       Take the front elevation of the individual, for example. The individual could be stood between a light and a wall, draw around the shadow, thena measure the perimeter. This gives a dimension that takes account of width as well as length, while largely ignoring the position of limbs.   

       The next step might be to measure surface area, logically followed by volume and therefor mass.
Twizz, Apr 08 2011


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