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Laser based microtunnels as paint adherer

The laser uses holography to make macaroni like microtunnels at the surface, then paint adheres better at the vast plurality of eentsy tunnels
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Lasers are published as removing paint, as well as preparing paintable surfaces for painting. I think it is possible to improve this, have a holographic effect make side etched trenches so that there is actually an effect like micro macaroni tunnels at the surface, with paint flowing into these structural tubes.

this might utilize higher quality lasers; dental lasers are able to micropowder material without, as far as I know, producing "scale" or a reactive microdross coating. Online it says that laser surface prep produces scale, yet I think it might be possible to just use better lasers.

if they felt like putting microfibers at the paint, having the clumped microfibers pass through the macaroni could provide even higher quality adherence.

beanangel, Oct 04 2016


       Sp.: "paatt", shirley?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 04 2016


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