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fragrant paint

Paint that has a pleasant smell
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A photosensitive paint that gives off a fragrance when exposed to light. Instead of the less than pleasant smell of a freshly painted room, rooms could be made to smell of pine, a summer meadow or the sea, etc. Perhaps best applied to bathrooms, where it can do away with the need for 'freshener' sprays. As the paint is exposed to light, it fades gradually as it gives off the fragrance, with a new coat needed after 3-4 years.
rikbie, Jul 26 2000


       'Fluorstenchant'. <grin> I like it. Would paint my place all in pine...
StarChaser, Oct 19 2000

       The paint could come in different fragrances but of the same colour. You then paint the wall with different smells and then use a scratch and sniff release system. Now you have that smell for every occasion.
swerve, Apr 04 2001

       The first time I moved, my new room had sulfur-yellow paint with Linda-Blair-vomit green carpet.
nick_n_uit, Apr 05 2001

       Would not want to smell _that_ room!
barnzenen, Aug 24 2001

       Something similar to what you've proposed has come out! Of course, this is on bulbs, but that's just geography!   

abh1jit, Jul 11 2004

       I was just shipped a sample of an apple smelling pigment. Not sure if it is photosensitive though.
paintwithpearl, Jul 22 2008


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