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Inkjet Pen

Computer-interfaced stylus
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This item would be sort of like a computerized airbrush--it would consist of an inkjet cartridge or three, and a stylus attachment. You'd probably hook it up to your computer, and thereby program the color or pattern it sprays (inkjets?) by hand. I already want one for Christmas. Not sure if you'd want a laserjet version of this. But I'm sure that's possible too...
cloudface, Nov 18 2004

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I'd get either yours or mine for Xmas if anyone bakes it :) [cowtamer, Nov 22 2006]


       you mean Inkjet Pen ?
neilp, Nov 18 2004

       sounds more like an inkjet wand of annoyance.
benfrost, Nov 18 2004

       sorry, I re-read that.. we had one of these on the BBC Bs at school ca. 1984.. very baked.
neilp, Nov 18 2004


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