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Physical "Photoshop-Style-Clone" Pen

Pen that lets you "clone" pictures by scribbling
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Most paint programs have a "clone" feature where the user selects a starting point to "clone" with a brush in a different area of the picture.

This pen is similar to the AnyColor pen (linked below), except that it has a tiny camera, a small projector (just to project a square frame), and inertial trackers built in.

To use, the user presses the "clone" button , which projects a frame onto the source document. When the user presses the "grab" button, a picture of this framed area is taken.

The user then presses the "clone" button and starts drawing on the paper. The pen tracks the location of its tip and draws the correctly colored "pixel" to the appropriate area on the paper.

Lots of different artistic effects are possible with this, along with practical applications like "cutting and pasting" something from a magazine into your notebook.

The pen can also "clone" real life and can function as the smallest possible camera/printer combination (albeit with a bit of manual labor involved in "scribbling out" the picture on paper).

cowtamer, Nov 20 2006

AnyColor Pen AnyColor_20Pen_20with_20ColorPick
Pen with CYMK ink and instantly adjustable color [cowtamer, Nov 20 2006]

Photoshop Clone Stamp http://iit.bloomu.e...ng/cloningstamp.htm
How this is done in PhotoShop [cowtamer, Nov 20 2006]

Raster pen Raster_20pen
[xaviergisz, Nov 22 2006]

Mostly baked http://www.youtube....watch?v=p-IlwqXi1MU
Camera in a brush, "paints" onto a projector screen. [mitxela, Sep 06 2009]

Strinkingly nondissimilar Hardware_20clone_20stamp
[MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 06 2009]

PrintBrush http://www.printdre...o.uk/printbrush.php
The hardware portion of this is getting baked, apperently... [cowtamer, Dec 07 2009]


       This is just a printer.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 20 2006

       It's hardly "Just a printer", but I would say that currently - if it were possible - it would be far slower than drawing, realising the drawing sucks, scrunching up the paper and drawing again.
fridge duck, Nov 20 2006

       The idea is not a replacement for a printer. Rather, the "line" you're drawing changes colors as if you were 'revealing' the picture underneath. Since the pen is tracked, going over the same point doesn't hurt.   

       For example, you might clone an "eye" from a real picture in your drawing and then augment it with your own colored pens..
cowtamer, Nov 20 2006

       You could clone an eye with your computer and then print it on papaer and use your colored pens.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 21 2006

       It would also be cool if when you were drawing it would project the image you were copying so you could see where on the picture you are drawing.
craigts, Nov 22 2006

       'cause now I've sullied it by posting it in an anno. Well okay if you insist...   

       edit: Thinking more, I'll just keep this as an add-on. People already project images and copy/trace them all the time.
craigts, Nov 22 2006

       [craigts] That's a cool improvement, but I have no good ideas to solve the following problems: 1) stuffing an actual LCD projector inside a pen with enough power (the projector I envision is an LED projecting through a properly positioned frame-like slit) 2) Keeping the projected image from moving around as you're drawing   

       Perhaps you could build a little LCD screen on top of the pen...
cowtamer, Nov 22 2006

       I am laughing my ass off thinking of a regular sized pen with a regular sized projector on top of it. As if my scrawl was not bad enough.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 23 2006

       Seems like Adobe would sell this pen idea for $375 + software upgrades yearly of $125. And it would weigh close to 18#, give or take an LED or two.
bobzaguy, Sep 06 2009

       Hey,[mitxela]! Nice linky
Dub, Sep 06 2009

       No problem. There was a long write up about it I remember reading, couldn't find it though.
mitxela, Sep 06 2009

       I was about to be on the verge of preparing to point out that this idea was redundant, but I then realized that this one predates the other....(link)
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 06 2009


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