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Instant Tattoo

Special ink embeds pigment under skin
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Instead of that slow, painful ink-embedding with a needle, just use microencapsulated beads of UV-triggered explosive surrounded by pigment. The artist simply draws the design, then applies a flash from a UV lamp to set off the microencapsulated charges that drive the pigments home. One quick "pop" and that tat is permanent. Also allows changes in the design before committing.
gregor-e, Jun 25 2006


       Thinking that as many of the beads will pop off into space as burrow into the skin. Better off applying a specially prepared decal that does the same thing, and has the microcapsules aligned correctly, methinks.   

       But croissant - skin fireworks!
DrCurry, Jun 25 2006

       I'm not sure what scares me more... being poked many times with a needle or having explosives set of on my skin.   

       Ah wait, I know: What really scares me is that so many people want to disfigure themselves... But thats just my point of view.
James Newton, Jun 26 2006


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