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Instant Toast2

Perfectly Toasted Loaves of Toast
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Save time -- just reach into the bag and you've got all the perfectly toasted toast you want! Slobber on your favorite jelly and dig In!
Grogster, Mar 04 2021

https://www.tesco.c.../products/266291362 [pocmloc, Mar 04 2021]


       All you have to do is to heat it up for a couple of minutes in this handy "Instant Toast Heater™" (sold separately)
hippo, Mar 04 2021

       I don't like cold toast.
Voice, Mar 04 2021

       Toast is a funny thing. Bread is already cooked. Yet we cook it again. It's a waste really. I once read that the amount of energy used in the UK to make toast was enough to power Birmingham.   

       I personally prefer the idea of abolishing Birmingham so that we can all have as much toast as we like.
bs0u0155, Mar 04 2021

       I beg to differ that toast is not * funny*...haha just joking about that, but Seriously being baked and being toasted are two entirely different methods of cooking. You cannot toast raw bread dough Very effectively as far as I know. It’s not a waste of energy to make toast Because it is so delicious.! I love love love toast so I will defend it to the death!   

       As for the idea, instant toast It’s a very misleading title.
xandram, Mar 04 2021

       I'm not a toast aficionado, but as I understand it, toasting mostly drives out the moisture. So to have pre-packaged toast, each slice will need to be hermetically sealed and thermally insulated (& so have a shelf-life of hours if not minutes).
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 04 2021

       AKA Melba toast; Grissini; Water crackers ?
UnaBubba, Mar 05 2021

       Melba toast is the opposite of instant. It's where you toast an ordinary slice of bread on both sides, and then when it is done you slice it in half in the coronal or frontal plane, reverse both slices, and then toast the freshly cut surfaces. You should try it, it is delicious but a bit fiddly to do.   

       My link presents "French toast" which my Grandparents used to feed me in their caravan; as a wee boy I thought this was what heaven would be like. Its pretty much what the idea describes.
pocmloc, Mar 05 2021

       //when it is done you slice it in half//   

       Aren't we straying off-track away from our our core remit of half-baking into half-toasting? Where will this end? Badly I tells ya. <shakes head woefully>
AusCan531, Mar 05 2021


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