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Marmite Flavoured Rice Paper

Perfect Marmite application for all Marmite lovers
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Having seen various half baked Marmite application ideas I thought I'd present what has to be the ultimate solution.

Whether you like your Marmite spread thickly and unevenly, or thin and even, Marmite flavoured rice paper is the ultimate solution.

Preformed the correct size for toast, the sheets could be made in varying thicknesses, or a single thickness that could be layered for those desiring a strong Marmite hit.

For those who like Marmite hotspots, the sheets could be torn and randomly distributed across the toast from a height of 12 inches or more.

Naturally as the ricepaper soaks up warm melting butter it starts to disintegrate, so there's no worries of the first bite ending with a sheet of Marmite rice paper stuck firmly to the consumers chin.

Lastly as a gimmicky advertsing campaign, special edition sheets could be produced in varying visual versions/formats. For example perhaps a sheet that appears like a Marmite jar, with the yellow sections being banana flavoured....or something...

Doesnotcompute, Nov 13 2003


       Even with butter, sounds a little dry to me. Then again, I don't like Marmite. Or bananas.
DrCurry, Nov 13 2003

       but the paper would be dissolved by the butter, so it'll be as dry as a piece of buttered toast.
Doesnotcompute, Nov 13 2003

       Oh I like this. You could also just dissolve these on your tongue and forego the toast.
PinkDrink, Jul 18 2004


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