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Insurance Pools

Voluntary Risks placed in seperate "pools"
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Preface: I believe that everyone should be allowed freedom to as they wish, but not if others suffer. This being said, why do I pay for other’s blatant foolishness? Why not break it down? If a motorcyclist refuses to wear a helmet, fine; here’s your insurance group, premium based accordingly. Smoker? Fine, here’s your group. Bungi Jumper? Here you go! Name your scenario. This is not voiced to victimize people, if you become ill or injured via accidental or natural causes, fine. I just have issue with supporting the LCD.
Ptoddadactyle, Jul 25 2001


       Sounds good to me.   

       Let's take it a step further and bump up the premiums to include incidental/collateral damage (where applicable) - so if your bungy cord breaks not only are your funeral expenses covered, but the state gets paid for cleaning you off the rocks...
phoenix, Jul 26 2001

       This is already done wherever possible.   

       Not the pay-the-state-to-mop-people-off-rocks one. The other one.
Monkfish, Jul 26 2001

       Do an internet search for "Moral Hazard"
reensure, Jul 26 2001


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