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Intellectual Property Game

Game where the first player to own all of the ideas contained in the game wins.
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This is a game like Monopoly(tm) but instead of houses and properties the board is actually outlined with all the rules for playing the game, and stuff like that. So the players take turns landing on the rules and stuff like that and buying them, so that they become part of their intellectual property. If another player lands on that or needs to use the rule then they have to pay the property owner. Obviously rolling the dice is like Boardwalk(tm) or Park Place(tm). Even explaining the premise of the game to somebody is property on the board, but it is not allowed to make comparisons to any other board game company's intellectual property.
guncandy, Nov 19 2015


       While I enjoy the recursive weirdness of this concept (hopefully there are lots of rules about making new rules about making rules!), I am concerned it won't be pedantic enough.
sninctown, Nov 20 2015

       How much money do we all start out with?...   

       Think I'll stick to poker.   

       Would this game have a jail or a sanatorium?   

       Well that's just depressing. Chickens give off way more heat... and eggs... and don't require entertainment.   


       Well I read that the board game emerged out of the great depression and invented by a homeless guy basically. Instead of a jail or a sanitorium there is a picture of a circle of people much like those who would play the game inside that square and it is implied that while in there they all say fascist things about you for being in that position whether homeless or incarcerated or whatever. Whomever lands on that square and buys it will have a quanititaive measure of how fascist his social group is.
guncandy, Nov 20 2015

       Hmmm. Issues.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 20 2015

       // a quanititaive measure of how fascist his social group is. //   

       "Adolf Hitler !"   

       Have we won anything ?
8th of 7, Nov 20 2015

       //Earnest Hemiongway//   

       Hmmm. Alcohol.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 20 2015

       So what will be on the "boardwalk" square? Happy birthday song? Microsoft Windows?
ixnaum, Nov 23 2015

       sounds like an Edisonopoly instead of monopoly.
travbm, Nov 23 2015

       This is excellent. I have struggled to think a way to build on top of this idea, it is so neatly self-contained and self- defeating. Perfect.   

       Possibly there is a way to win the game, a route which can be plotted around the board where each participant is able to acquire the necessary rights in the right order to be able to bleed each other player dry to the point where there is a single IP holdco (aka the bank) at the end.
calum, Nov 23 2015

       I suppose you could "improve" on the bank system here and have it replaced with a non-player VC fund, to which pre- revenue participants with unacceptable burn rates must come to pitch their putative unicorn concept. This would give the game a degree of closure when all of the IP is ultimately owned by the same VC fund and all of the cash is recouped, too.
calum, Nov 23 2015

       That would make an interesting movie about five friends who find an obscure game at an old odds and ends store. They play it later in the evening as a cold wind blows outside and one of them shivers and pulls on a blanket. The game proceeds until all of the players hold titles to all of the game's rules. 1) roll the dice 2) move the number of squares indicated 3) read what is contained on the square 4) assign a banker 5) pick a card 6) place your hand on your game piece... in no particular order. One of the cards in the pile instructs a player to make an idea which another player wins in the game. The idea eventually comes between the friends in a schoolhouse competition that wins a girl away from the originator of the idea. The idea goes on to bring the friend who won it amazing successes, but he will never admit it and all of the others who played the game have died due to mysterious circumstances. In an effort to win back the idea the loser of the game seeks out the board game's inventor, who he finds was a lunatic in an insane asylum, and the board game was created by his psychiatrist as an example of the game tendencies of schizophrenics. The game was only revealed in an institutional setting, and the one in the odds and ends shop was likely the only one of its kind remaining. As he adventures to learn more he inquires into the hospital, and a friendly staff member discusses his problem. He is diagnosed with idee fixe stemming frm his discussion with hospital staff and is kept for evaluation. He is placed into an empty room with a bed and after many days there invetigates the cracks and crevices those being the only objects of curiosity given medication's effect on his internal resources. He pulls a game card from the crack between the wall and the floor and it says "you have lost the intellectual property game you have none of any value left."
guncandy, Nov 23 2015

       There would be a "I'm China" supercard, where you get to ignore all rules.
sophocles, Nov 23 2015

       Jumanji II [guncandy]? I like it.
Voice, Nov 23 2015


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