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Justified Kill Camera

Near miss documentation game.
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Rounded a corner today in Manhattan at speed, had to jam the breaks to not run over and old woman and her dog.

This particular grandma and her animal were exactly precisely the picture you have in your head of who might typically get run over.

This subject is no laughing matter, God forbid any of us experience any part of such a tragic event.

However this idea is a a game enabled by technology.

A camera mounted on the hood of your car triggered by stopping abruptly or triggered manually with a button on the steering wheel by a driver with the presence of mind to capture the moment.

So here is the game everyone has played grand theft auto and i am certain to some extent has fantasized about winning a pedestrian kill game in real life.

So this system documents the near fatality encounters beams them to an internet site that evaluates legitimacy and then credits your account. You are competing with other players.

Points are assigned based on the intensity or volume of the near miss. so for example a point system could be arrived at that grants more points for children in the camera view vs grandmas and so on.

Also the deterrent for people to not intentionally try to run people down on purpose is that your personal information would be reported to the authorities if in fact you actually hit someone.

vfrackis, Apr 23 2010

Death Race 2000 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072856/
The future's bright ... [8th of 7, Apr 23 2010]


       Extra points for winging cyclists, Scaring any person of the cloth, Shopping dropped and a Mega bonus for hitting a shopping trolley being pushed by a tramp which is actually full of old food tins...   

       I like it!
S-note, Apr 23 2010

       I think this will just encourage people to take unnecessary risks.
phoenix, Apr 23 2010

       I can think of only four reasons why this is a bad idea.   

       But give me some more time.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 23 2010

       // encourage people to take unnecessary risks. //   


8th of 7, Apr 23 2010

       //everyone has played grand theft auto and i am certain to some extent has fantasized about winning a pedestrian kill game in real life// No.
mouseposture, Apr 23 2010

       Ditto on the above "no", and while I see your point I don't think it would qualify as "justified". You can probably find a better idea title.
normzone, Apr 23 2010

       Rather than a contest it could be a webstie with an assembly of shots documenting: why I slammed on my brakes. Works for bikes too.
bungston, Apr 23 2010

       I take it a webstie is a site that is so dysfunctional as to resemble as pig's home?
RayfordSteele, Apr 25 2010


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