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Kim Jong Wack-a-mole

inspired by Reddit's wtfisdisreal
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This assassination themed version of whack-a-mole would have relatives of Kim Jong as the pop-up heads. Insults, taunts, threats, and complaints are played as you hit or miss your targets. Hit enough of them enough times to win. If you lose a "nuke" goes off in your face spraying bomb-shaped and -colored marshmallows everywhere.

Optional: little marshmallow artillery rounds can hit the player.

Optional: change the heads to higher level North Koreans as the game progresses.

Voice, Feb 16 2014


       Lose the game and the company takes you away to starve in the dark cutting weeds for fuel.
popbottle, Feb 16 2014

       [pop] now I'm sad.
Voice, Feb 16 2014


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