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Mail to Email

A company that takes your mail and sends it to your email address.
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A company thats sole job is to take all of your mail and convert it to email and send it to you. Any money or checks found in it would either be relayed to your real mail address or delivered to you an epayment. The hardest task would be opening the letters. Then sliding the letter for address to email processing. Then sliding in the mail itself to be scanned converted to text & images and sent.

Reasons this would fail is that most mail is junkmail, all bills are done online anyways, and music birthday cards will not be heard.

flouger, Aug 25 2006

Document Command, Inc.'s Remote Control Mail http://www.remotecontrolmail.com/
[jutta, Aug 27 2006]

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[jutta, Aug 27 2006]

http://www.paperlesspobox.com/ [jutta, Aug 27 2006]

Document Management http://www.datacapt...tries/post-room.htm
[squeak, Aug 29 2006]

(??) Pearl Scan Document Scanning & Management http://www.pearl-repro.co.uk
Document Scanning Services and document management software UK. [pearlscan, Jun 16 2010]

Document Scanning Service http://www.pearl-scan.co.uk
Scanning files and digitising media throughout the UK. [pearlscan, Jun 16 2010]

Introducing Gmail Paper http://mail.google....lp/paper/index.html
The opposite idea, from the fools at Google. [swimswim, Jun 17 2010]

Microfiche and microfilm scanning http://www.microfic...film-scanning.co.uk
microfiche and microfilm scanning to electronic format throughout the UK [pearlscan, Aug 10 2010]

Data Capture http://www.forms-da.../form-scanning.html
Data Capture for forms and surveys in the UK [pearlscan, Aug 10 2010]

Edenred http://www.edenred.co.uk
I started an idea on benefits for workers and salary sacrifice schemes but these guys seem to have already done it! [webman, Jun 01 2011]


       I think I've misunderstood this, you seem to think musical birthday cards not being heard is a bad thing.   

       I'll read it again
fridge duck, Aug 25 2006

       The idea is very simple. Of the "why didn't I think of that" variety. A sign of genius, if you ask me.   

       Then I started thinking what exactly it would mean if I can just nail my postal receiving thingy (sorry, not native english) in the door shut. And never receive mail again. Instead I receive everyhing through g-mail.   

       Just great. I look forward to more of your ideas.
zeno, Aug 26 2006

       nice one [flouger], welcome to the halfbakery btw.
neilp, Aug 26 2006

       wow.. I just realised that this would mean junk mail would now probably be detectable as spam.
neilp, Aug 26 2006

       Erm, does this mean that the earrings, scarves & miscellany I recieve from my aunt are now virtual? It's fine; they're invariably hideous, but she does like to see me in them...
pigtails_and_ponies, Aug 27 2006

       You mean like someone scans your mail, converts it into a handy digital format and sends it to you. Baked. See link.
squeak, Aug 29 2006

       Even though it is baked, I will bun it. Even though I'd probably never use it, I will bun it again. Personally I like the excitement of getting that unexpected package or that surprise letter in the mail and running all the way back into the house in anticipation of opening it.
Jscotty, Aug 29 2006

       What about my (I mean my wife's) Martha Stewart Living magazine?
rockyed, Aug 29 2006

       if you get a white powder in your envelope, do they send you a virus? :) [+]
reap, Aug 30 2006

       Wait... if I receive a catalog, someone has to unstaple it, scan in all 100 pages and then email it to me? What about magazines?
phundug, Jun 17 2010


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