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Intelligent door

prevents you from leaving if you've forgotten something
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Are you always leaving your home, getting halfway to your destination and then realising you've forgotten something crucial? Make this a thing of the past, with the intelligent door!

This invention is a door with a locking system that can be programmed to prevent you leaving your home if you have forgotten something.

Almost whatever dumb mistake you make, you can program the door to prevent you making it next time, e.g.:

Print out documents for a meeting and then forget to take them with you? Using a sensor on your printer's output tray, the door will not release unless the tray is empty.

Forget to take your phone/keys/wallet/pda/satnav with you? Attach a tiny chip to each of these items and the door will only release when you have the full set with you.

Leave the grill on, with consequent fire risk? Sensors on ovens, grills, etc, will prevent the door from releasing while these devices are on.

Waste electricity? Program the door to not release if TV, aircon, monitor, lights, etc, are on or if a specified threshold wattage is being used. You decide how anally green you want it to be.

In addition to these always-on criteria, you can add specific criteria for specific occasions, to prevent you, for example, going out on your significant other's birthday without taking that present you got for them.

An LCD panel on the door displays an image of what you've forgotten and uses sensors mounted throughout the house to identify which room misplaced articles are located in.

The door features an "in case of fire, break glass" system to override in emergencies, and releases automatically in the case of power failure.

For those who are freaked out by being locked in their own home, e.g. former prisoners, a 'lite' version is available that allows the door to be released after the user responds to an 'are you sure to leave without your xxxx?' prompt on the lcd display.

The door is connected to the doorbell or entryphone to allow it to be opened to allow people into the house, accept deliveries, etc, even if the specified exit criteria has not been set.

Biometric recognition is used to allow different exit criteria to be set for different people living in the house.

jonball, Jan 16 2006


       /Intelligent door/
"You ignored me all night...Now, I'm not letting you out until you say you're sorry."
Ling, Jan 16 2006

       If you can remember to tell the door that you shouldn't be allowed out of the house unless you've remembered to take the stuff you were printing out, you can probably remember to take these documents without any help. A better technology solution would be one which actually did something positive rather than just acted as a sticking plaster on the existing technology.

- "beep-beep beep-beep"

- "What's that noise?"

- "Uh - it's my PDA ... hang on ... It says 'Your handkerchief has a knot tied in it' - oh yes! - it does - now, what was I supposed to remember?"
hippo, Jan 16 2006

       now, I know I left my croissant round here somewhere
neilp, Jan 16 2006

       gawd, now I'm worried that I left the oven on...
po, Jan 16 2006

       I thought this was why people got married.   

       On a different note, I think statistically it would be easier and more reliable to simply tell the door that I shouldn't be allowed out at all.
moomintroll, Jan 16 2006

       "Wrrrrrr.... Thank You!"
"Oh gawd, here's another one of those self-satisfied doors again. Life, don't talk to me about life..."
RayfordSteele, Jan 16 2006

       could god create a door that wouldn't let him pass through it?
po, Jan 16 2006

       "OK, are we ready to go out? Remember, no shoes, no shirt, no service! And did you brush your teeth?..."
lurch, Jan 16 2006

       I think the "lite" version mentioned here would be the best, as I can imagine the normal door becoming annoying very fast. A simple LED screen with a YES/NO button would allow you to override it quickly if you purposely left lights/power/keys/whatever on.
Mr Phase, Jan 16 2006

       Welcome to the HB, by the way!
moomintroll, Jan 16 2006

       Better stil, [MrPhase], a series of LEDs or a UI that showed 'You have remembered 4 out of 7 things - do you still want to exit?
<Y/N/Just Fuck Off and lemme out>'.
Bonus for a UI that could suggest 'You're getting waaarmmeeeeer!'.
gnomethang, Jan 16 2006

       //could god create a door that wouldn't let him pass through it?\\   

       Yes, I mean no, I mean, oh darn I feel one of my spells coming on.
zeno, Jan 17 2006

       I dunno if I want a door thats smarter than I am.
MikeOxbig, Jan 28 2006

       It's all a bit WIBNI having been revamped. I know of mechanisms that will dealk with a number of these issues but they ain't cheap.
You, [jonball], on the other hand, have made no effort to describe the device that will achieve all of these things (apart from attaching 'sensors' to everything!). In fact, you have not given us an invention, merely a Wish List.

       You have revised this once, how about giving us a bit of detail?. Reading between the lines of your post there is a massive central processing system that appears to be invisible.
gnomethang, Jan 28 2006


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