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Interactive MST3K reference guide

Because not all of us have seen every movie EVER
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As well versed in pop culture as I'd like to think I am, every time I watch Mystery Science Theatre 3000 I find myself unable to pick up on the flurry of references to actors that died before my grandparents were born. In this day and age of Google and smartphones, looking things up at will is hardly a feat (hell, I'm at a bar right now), but it still poses a challenge when every third reference deals with a topic that is only understood by 7 historians on the planet. My idea is to have a dvd (or possibly virtual format) that allows you access to a quick-lookup guide whenever an obscure reference surfaces. That's pretty much it, if only because typing on a phone is grating after a while.
AfroAssault, Aug 27 2010


       Maybe there needs to be a second commentary on the show that explains the references in the first commentary.
DrWorm, Aug 28 2010

       When you get through making this, could you do one for _The Simpsons_ ? This will be equivalent to a complete encyclopedia of all human culture up through the late 20th centure, since, so I've read, *everything* is referenced somewhere in that show.
mouseposture, Aug 28 2010

       they used to air music videos with added "Did You Know?" popup trivia balloons.   

       Nifty but [ ]: DVD's usually contain the "director's overlay": a voiceover which usually explains at least some of the references.
FlyingToaster, Aug 28 2010


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