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Sitcom Series Finales DVD

The only ones you really wanted to watch anyway...
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All you really wanted to know was what happened to so-and-so. Did they end up married/ divorced/ dead/ convicted?

So many loose ends are tied up in these typically hour-long episodes, and the quality of performances and writing is invariably better.

A collection of series finales (final episodes) from your favourite sitcoms. These could be a set of shows from a certain year, TV network or production company.

A double-sided, double layered DVD could hold about 10 one hour episodes, sans commercials.

Those unfortunate series that were cancelled during summer hiatus without a 'special finale' episode need not apply.

Cedar Park, Feb 04 2003


       The DVD should also come with a special option to skip all the sentimental bits that would otherwise cause you to dissolve into a blubbering wreck/throw up.
kropotkin, Feb 04 2003

       A blank DVD then?
madradish, Feb 04 2003

sild, Feb 04 2003

       kill your TV
mrblue, Mar 27 2003


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