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Interactive Satnav

So I can tell it to shut up.
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I think Satnav is a fine invention, but sometimes the device drives me crazy.

When approaching a left-turn, it informs me four or five times that the intersection is approaching.

If I decide to take an alternate route to the one suggested by the Satnav, it freaks out and begs me to do a U-turn.

I want to have a Satnav with voice recognition, so that when it tells me to turn left for the 3rd time in 10 seconds, I can shout at it "OK, man, I heard you the first time. Chill your beans!"

When I take an alternate route and it harrangues me to do a U-turn, I want to be able to shout "Shut up! I know these streets better than you, OK? Do you know there are roadworks on that street? No? So shut up!"

And it would.

jtp, Sep 07 2007


       Imagine the looks you'd get from nearby pedestrians.
croissantz, Sep 08 2007

       then mother in the back would join in and agree with satnav and the kids would want to play I-Spy with it and it would forget to get back to you once you were out of your familiar territory and then the husband would shout at the kids and the satnav would threaten him with social services...
po, Sep 09 2007

       Maybe you just have the wrong software. Mine has a feature where I say "SHUSH!" and it stops talking. So, it is somewhat baked by Delorme Earthmate. The voice commands are all interactive.
Klaatu, Sep 09 2007

       [Enema Device] - that scenario only occurs when, in [po]'s words, I'm in familiar territory. But she makes a valid point - it would need a 'snooze' feature. [Klaatu] - is this a feature of Earthmate, or does it just shut up, period?
jtp, Sep 09 2007


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