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Maglev car switching

You spin me right round
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Unlike a Maglev train, Maglev automobiles would be disconnected from each other. Theoretically, they would all carry the same charge, front and back, and therefore repel each other. At the very least they would all have the same maximum speed, although they could slow down [linky].

The problem becomes: how do they turn? Maglev train switches move part of the entire track, probably near official exits.The cars just have to be going slowly enough to turn. On a 4-lane "highway" the far lane would need an up ramp and then back down in order for the far car to arrive at an exit sometime after a parallel car in the near lane does. In this case the slow down speed for both cars would be a fixed minimum. In a Maglev car, automatic sex is always possible in the back seat, which is how you can repay me for this idea, Jenny McCarthy.

4and20, Jul 29 2021

Turning with coils http://www.ijsrp.or...114/ijsrp-p2581.pdf
So much better than Alan Turing [4and20, Jul 29 2021]


       If the automatic action were vigorous enough, the vehicle would bottom out which would scrub enough speed
pocmloc, Jul 29 2021

       I like sex.
Voice, Jul 30 2021


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