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Interactive seat display

Enjoy your flight surfing
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Long flight, individual displays for your comfort. Press the screen, there you go: interactivity! Wanna check the airplane content? Fine, free. You'll find not only where you are, but hear about your destination attractions and all the airflight magazine online. Wanna surf the web? Well, there you go, for a small fee, of course.
AlexCaminha, Sep 25 2001


       These days, with the airlines and the government discouraging the amount of carry-on luggage that passengers can take on board, this idea might become a reality. Keep watching such publications as Aviation Week or USA Today.
JoeBader1, Sep 28 2001

       What PeterSealy said. Virgin had Nintendo seat-back units when? ten years ago?   

       They didn't use touch screens but a controller. You don't want anything like a touch screen in your seat back. (You may want it in front of you, but I don't think you want every game-play action of the five-year old behind you to shake your chair.)   

       Websurfing is being worked on. I don't see the advantage of the rest. An in-flight magazine on a touch screen and one that I can hold in my lap and navigate via the amazing page-o-turn interface don't seem all that different.
jutta, Sep 28 2001

       I've actually persuaded my parents to fly Singapore Airlines for a family trip in December to that country using the rather shallow reason that my plane has a 100% chance that it will seat back entertainment.
mrkillboy, Sep 28 2001

       Jutta: Being fairly demophobic, I'd prefer a magazine to a screen. I can keep it in my lap and look down, 'fooling' myself into feeling that there are only a few people around me, instead of several hundred within arms' reach.   

       I do like the rest of the original idea, though...
StarChaser, Sep 29 2001

       It could come with an attachment that exercises your legs so that you don't fall victim to deep-vein thrombosis
po, Sep 29 2001

       pretty acurate prediction. Modern 767's and other planes have in seat screens that allow you to see the current position, weather time, expected landing time etc. It also allows you to watch movies and tv, listen to the radio, some even let you order drinks.   

       I'm typing this from my laptop with the free onboard wifi delta gives out during the holiday.   

       Although I recall as far back as 2000 with a flight to europe having in seat entertainment that went as far as allowing you to play video games and watch tv. so this is definitely not new, just more ubiquitous as the costs comes down.
metarinka, Dec 25 2010


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