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Non-flight simulator

makes it seem like you're not flying when you actually are
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. . . solves airsickness problems.
mrthingy, Oct 30 2000


       Attach oars to the cabin bulkheads, and give leather whips to the attendants....row, devil!
reensure, Oct 30 2000

       It's like noise cancelling headphones for the whole body!
jutta, Oct 30 2000

       Oh, I thought this was gonna be a simulator for the part of the flight that wasn't in the air to train pilots/stewardesses on. Loading, unloading, taxiing. That's always the most frustrating part, being there but not being able to get out of the plane.
MuddDog, Jun 27 2001

       Seriously-- what is it about flight that makes it seem like one is flying? Once we get that out of the way, we can go about fixing it.   

       Is there increased barometric pressure? Is it the noise? Is there some sort of heightened g-force? etc, etc, etc.   

       Actually, when I fly, there is very little sensation of movement, other than the occasional nasty bout of turbulence.   

       Of course, my Super Neat-O Stretchy Power Cape absorbs most of the wind resistance, you understand.
jester, Sep 02 2001

       The biggest cause of airsickness is that your inner ear is telling you you're moving, and that your eyes tell you you are not. For some people, this discontinuity causes big problems.
StarChaser, Sep 04 2001

       You get a fair amount of acceleration when taking off, so folding over around your lap belt would be pretty noticable, yes...
StarChaser, Feb 10 2002

       The solution to the point raised in starchaser's first annotation would be to make see through planes
kaz, Feb 10 2002

       ...or VR headsets showing the view from the nose.
st3f, Feb 10 2002

       Desrves a good churn if anything ever did.   

       I'm sure the airplane noise (from inside) has something to do with the problem. It's surprisingly loud, but you don't notice that until you try to listen to classical music during your flight and can't hear it. Noise-canceling headphones may help.
phundug, May 15 2009

       In the first class section a number of seats could be made into this anti-flight simulator. The tickets would be extremely expensive,a nd there would only be 4-8 depending on the size of the plane for people who really hate to fly. Each seat would have a bubble-helmet providing a virtual reality simulation of the person's "happy place" and actuators would move the seat in ways to cancel out the g forces of flight as much as possible. I give my idea +1 :)
DIYMatt, May 15 2009

       //The biggest cause of airsickness is that your inner ear is telling you you're moving//   

       I wonder if the passenger compartment could tilt forward to exactly counter ballance the inner ear against the initial increase in speed and the climb to altitude.   

       <find myself wishing [bristolz] had chimed in on this one>   


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