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mp3 playlists on planes

Lets face it music tapes on planes suck.
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Most of the planes that I have flown on have had pre rechorded radio programmes that play music with various channels with different music, on long flights you may have to listen to the rechording 2 or 3 times and when you change planes if you stay on the same airline then the rechording stays the same.

Planes should all have a regularly updated onboard mp3 database with a few thousand songs on it to choose from, you can then pick your own playlist from the songs available. The way its decided if a song stays or not is its popularity, if it isn't picked much then it is deleted from the play list and another peice of music replaces it, this would keep it up to date with current musical trends and keep it fresh.

I'm sure that this will happen its only a matter of time.

Gulherme, Sep 24 2002


       Or you could bring a personal CD player with you.
[ sctld ], Sep 24 2002

       There wouldn't be a predominence of any kind of music it would be all of different styles, there could be well over 1000 songs stored on each plane maby about 5000, that should account for all possible tastes.
Gulherme, Sep 24 2002

       <pedant> recorded, recording </pedant>   

       Other than that, this is quite a good idea. I would tend to take along my own mp3 player anyhow. It would be even better if people could suggest tracks to be added.
madradish, Sep 24 2002

       A good idea but I don't like this part: // The way its decided if a song stays or not is its popularity, if it isn't picked much then it is deleted from the play list//. The net result of this is that the only songs left on the playlist, however huge, will be awful, brain-maddening stuff like "The Ketchup Song" - it's what The People will listen to.   

       Also, how do you select a song? The current in-plane music control interface (up/down buttons) is inappropriate as you'd have to cycle through each song, rather than looking for one you want.   

       [I now have The Ketchup Song stuck in my head. Aaaaagh.]
calum, Sep 24 2002

       What's wrong with sitting silently listening to whining brats behind you kick your seat repeatedly? I thought that was what made airline travel desirable.. well, that and the free peanuts.
Mr Burns, Sep 24 2002

       I think that most airlines have screens on the back of chairs nowadays but for the ones that don't a playlist could be put in the back of each chair with a number that corosponds with each song, the earphones could have one of those little things attached to the chord so you can select the number of the song you want to hear.
Gulherme, Sep 25 2002


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