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Professional Doodling Contests

Timed, and judged, for creativity and style.
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In the same venue as Chess Tournaments, the doodlers get to prove their doodling talent, by doodling to the very best of their ability, while judges walk behind them grunting and sighing.

The doodlers can utilize phones, pre-chewed pencils, photos of the boss, and anything else that will help them to duplicate the "triggers", that send them to doodling to begin with.

When the buzzer goes off, the most creative and interesting doodle wins. Wins what you say...

Celebrity status, or their own reality series... "I Doodled Myself to the Top".

blissmiss, Dec 31 2006

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nomadic_wonderer, Jan 02 2007

       Brilliant. +
imaginality, Jan 02 2007

       " I met him on a Monday and my heart stood still... da doodle ron ron ron, da doodle ron ron" (with apologies to The Crystals and Phil Spectre) +
xenzag, Jan 02 2007

       I'm sorry, but this gross!
flynn, Jan 03 2007

       methinks flynn may have missed the point, somewhat.
Custardguts, Jan 03 2007

       ... says more about what he doodles...
po, Jan 03 2007

       "Hmm... this little doodle gets top marks from me"
"Yes. Look at the way she has moulded five little loops into a crescent shape."
Jinbish, Jan 03 2007

       I've never heard of it being called doodling before.
skinflaps, Jan 03 2007

       You bloody Brits. First I find out that a fanny isn't a fanny there, and now doodling isn't doodling? What next I ask...
blissmiss, Jan 03 2007

       ? doodling to the u.k. as far as I know, is similar to your meaning, blissy.   

       wonder where flynn hails from.
po, Jan 03 2007

       Then please translate skin's quip for me dearie.
blissmiss, Jan 03 2007

       he is trying to be funny. yeah, I know, very trying.   

       but we love him nonetheless.
po, Jan 03 2007

       I haven't really understood what meaning flynn has attached to doodling...Anywho, a rather marvellous idea - presumably the competition is open to young children?
Most of my doodling was done between the ages of 14 and (insert current age).
fridge duck, Jan 03 2007

       Maybe [flynn]'s referring to the pre-chewed pencils?
imaginality, Jan 03 2007

       Not sure but they [flynn] lost an is somewhere. (I didn't mean the pencils would be prechewed by some one else. They could be automorphic prechewed #3s for that matter.)
blissmiss, Jan 03 2007

       <snigger> nips off to doodle in the snow <snigger>
skinflaps, Jan 04 2007

       you got snow?
po, Jan 04 2007

       Yep, bought some on ebay.
skinflaps, Jan 04 2007

       was that special doodling snow?
po, Jan 04 2007

blissmiss, Jan 05 2007

       Are there any rules or is it a free for all. What happens if one of the opponents has lets say 6 fingers on one hand. Doesn't that give him a distinct advantage over the average 5 fingered player. These are the things you have to consider or this type of competition might get very ugly.
FireLilly, Jan 05 2007

       Lately I've taken to depicting roosters with a silicone gun.   

       Would the submition of a caulk doodle do?   

       From what I can see (link), "doodling" means something like "pointless scribbling" to Brits, same as it does to Americans. I think Miss [blissmiss] is onto something.   

       If you've ever seen an artist's notebook, you know that some doodles are quite remarkable works of art.
land, Jan 05 2007

       But doodles are a way of avoiding work; you can only doodle if you were supposed to do something else at the time. If your aim was to actually "doodle", it's called drawing, and presents a task, that every doodler would look to avoid... through doodling. The infinite fractal loop of "doodle-avoidance through doodling" could be interesting to watch. A doodler starts doodling, realises that what he/she's doing is actually a task, starts doodling on the margins aimlessly, realised he's doing sthe exact thing he/she is supposed to be doing, starts doodling on the margins of the margin-doodle, gets drawn into several recursions before reaching the size limit of the doodle: the thickness of the pencil itself. Then the doodler takes a step back, and doodles on the opposite side of the bigger doodle...   

       The only problem (if you would call it a "problem" at all) is that you can never tell an "intended" doodle from a doodle doodled in order to avoid doodling a doodle. But maybe that's what was sought after in the first place.   

       The only problem is that the true doodler will, sooner or later, break the recursive-doodling spell and avoid the entire thing by going out for a beer, mid-contest. And doodle on the coasters. Would that count as an entry?
Veho, Jan 05 2007

       doodling is a semi-conscious activity presumably to help one think out a problem. Aristotle and Da Vinci were infamous doodlers.   

       so this competition takes on a zen-like atmosphere.
po, Jan 05 2007

       I am always prompted to doodle anytime I am in a meeting that I cannot stand to be in because I must sit there, I cannot move, I cannot talk and I cannot text-message or play games on my cell phone. So to act as if I am taking notes I will start to doodle.   

       Now if you created a contest under those circumstances where you put everyone in a board room around a long U-shaped table with a desk calendar or a legal pad and had someone give a lecture, that would make the contest fun. Granted you could even ask questions and participate in the meeting if you so choose.
Jscotty, Jan 05 2007

       Finally, the years of drawing pointless crap on tables will pay off... i knew it had SOME kind of purpose.
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 05 2007

       jscotty, hence the judges walking behind you, and the prechewed pencils, etc. Whatever *your* personal doodling trigger is, well you could bring it to the competition.   

       I tend to doodle mostly when on hold with someone who works in customer service, and has put me on hold for an hour, pretending to be trying to solve my issue, while, if truth be told, they are doing nothing more than doodling, only pretending to assist me.   

       Which would lead one to believe their big, fat cat ass boss is sitting in his huge overstuffed leather chair, doodling with his $2000 solid gold ink pen, while his secretary gives him a lap dance.   

       Doodlers doodling while on the phone with fake doodlers who are overseen by an even bigger fake...doodler, are not all that uncommon.
blissmiss, Jan 05 2007

       I would very much like to hear you repeating that last paragraph really quickly.. blissy..at least five times in succession..
skinflaps, Jan 05 2007

       There is a dog called a Labra-doodle. True, thought I wish I had made it up.
xenzag, Jan 06 2007

       Labra doodles are pretty expensive. I think you used to only be able to get them from or shipped from Oz. They are good for people alergic to dogs for some reason.
Zimmy, Jan 06 2007

       happy new year, zimmy.   

       blissy is the *best* ever baker! I can't understand it but she IS IT!   

       x 2 blissy
po, Jan 06 2007

       [bliss] there is a link from a place out here I wanted to send you but you have no contact on your profile page. I am going to link it here.   

       Feel free to delete it and this totally off topic anno.   

       A heartfelt hug to ya po. But bubba, bris, farmerjohn, hippo, stf3, angel, Lewisgirl, thumb, cannuck, barnz, eggie,forrest, susen, lemon, two fried potatos, lurch, and especially to 1percent. They all gave me a leg up, so to speak, including one crusty, stodgy, cranky, pissy, mean, two-timing crap head, aka as Dr. Curry, ;-) out shouts them all. Obviously kidding. He was the reason I stopped lurking, and jumped in.   

       The surprise of it all is that jutta still, after all these years, lets me play at the playground. Dispite the fact that I grew up emotionally here, with tantrums and beliefs that I fought for, more than maybe I should have.   

       I still have the printed out response to that stupid idea I posted 6 years ago, about an apple tree, a horse, and a child, who for the first time found peace.   

       That child still searches, as do we all. May '07 bring us that, just simply that.   

       P.S. The links are great. My mother-in-law has a labadoodle, (what we call her). They are great dogs. But then dustin was a hybred too. (Not seen in over a month, sadly.)
blissmiss, Jan 07 2007

       [blissmiss] It was late at night and I somehow read drooling instead of doodling. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I changed my vote [+].
flynn, Jan 07 2007

       flynn, hahaha.
po, Jan 07 2007

       I still want to know what the rooster with the silicon gun is doing in [2_fries] doodle?
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 07 2007

       Hmmm, professional drooling. Now that is kilter with cow pie tosssing, pumpkining seed pissing, and, hey wait...is kilter a word?   

       If "off kilter" is legal then "kilter" would be just as ducky.   

       Oh shit. I brought up the fucking dirt bag ducks.   

       Great link [Ray]. Makes me sad for the golden days.
blissmiss, Jan 08 2007

       May I suggest a 3-D division?   

       Doodling with silly putty.   

       To officially enter your three dimensional doodle into the competition, flag down a judge when your creation is in an optimal state of semi-melted beauty.
ryokan, May 29 2008


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