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Interlocking Office Chairs

Revolving chairs that gear together and spin spin spin.
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Revolving office chairs, each with a large plastic gear underneath the feet. This way, you can line up a bunch of chairs (with people on them), lock the gear teeth together, and spin gleefully in unison.
DrWorm, Feb 12 2010

Test Version 1 http://www.break.co...-Chairs-346106.html
Early beta testing indicates that more designtime is necessary to refine the means by which chair sprockets intermesh. [jurist, Feb 12 2010]


       I like this, but am bemused by the notion of a string of meshed gears, which would cause alternate seats to revolve anti-clockwise.   

       How about sprocketed seats, and a large web-like band [note to self: "LW-lB" has further promise...] and spacers to allow synchronous revolution?
csea, Feb 12 2010

       This would work well at formal dinner parties because the ladies and the gentlemen would then rotate in opposite directions.
nineteenthly, Feb 12 2010

       The other bemusing aspect of this idea has to do with the social engineering required to //spin gleefully in unison.//   

       Perhaps a new sub-category is needed: [office: furniture: choreography]?   

       [jurist]'s link suggests that most office participants may prefer bumper-car-like activities.
csea, Feb 13 2010

       //How big are these gears going to be to keep enough room between the chairs to keep folks from knocking knees, feet, and shins// irrelevant question, next?
pocmloc, Feb 13 2010

       [21], if I were a better artist, I would draw this. The gears would be big enough for the participants to tuck their legs within their circumfrence.
DrWorm, Feb 13 2010


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