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locking swivel chair

exactly what it sounds like...
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urbanmatador sitting at desk, typing. cat suddenly jumps on lap, causing sudden unexpected swivel of chair, leading to displaced items from desk all over the place.

this seems simple enough to bake. i've found adjustible desk chairs in which every other feature is lockable (the back tilt, the height, the lumbar support) but none of them allow you to lock the swivel.

locking wheels might be nice too.

urbanmatador, May 15 2003

(?) Stutz Bearcat http://www.rollinga...images/14_stutz.jpg
[DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]

Cat Ejection Pack http://www.halfbake...t_20Ejection_20Pack
[silverstormer, Oct 05 2004]

Chair with a wheel lock. http://www.sunrisem...%3C%3East_id=104083
[Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004]


       I'd like to see a whole new round of slapstick routines to go with your new chair...
wreckferret, May 15 2003

       Seen wheel locks.
DrCurry, May 15 2003

       Hmm...the momentum of a jumping cat causes sudden chair swivel leading to destruction? either you need to eat more or you need to put your cat on a diet.
Freefall, May 15 2003

       Lions are cats.
beauxeault, May 15 2003

       Bulldozers are Cats. Meercats aren't.
bristolz, May 15 2003

       Yet rabbits are generally bare.
Worldgineer, May 15 2003

       [freefall] you haven't met my cat. not even my cat. just a neighbor's cat who spends a lot of time in my basement. skinny as a rail, but *fast*...
urbanmatador, May 15 2003

       [urbanmatador] you might need one of these, <linky>.
silverstormer, May 15 2003

       It’s not the mass of the cat so much as the momentum that causes the problem. Clearly you need to increase the chair’s moment of inertia.
AO, May 15 2003

       (Dr Curry, where have you seen wheel locks for chairs?)
sufc, May 15 2003

       "Oh, My!" for [ack]
Nitehawk, Mar 24 2004


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