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International Receding Hairline

Earth is getting older, let's talk about it
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To celebrate Earth's 4,567,000,000th birthday (happy birthday by the way!!) the United Nations propose a new imaginary line on Earth's surface, a la the Equator & International Date Line. The International Receding Hairline will encircle the Arctic in a classic pattern-baldness shape, poised to join the North Pole and Santa's toy factory as a 5-star tourist attraction.

On the Hairline you'll find the Hairy Earth Museum. Try your hand at various combover and toupee combinations on models of Earth and see what works best. Learn the history of the Bald Earth Conspiracists - evil rational people who adamantly deny the existence of a Hairy Earth. Will you sign the petition to work towards a Global Hair Transplant or let nature run its course?

Over millions of years the Hairline will recede even further, until all Earth's imaginary hair is gone, whereupon the U.N. will propose... a wig!

Treejuice, Sep 29 2017

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       See, I was right.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 29 2017

       Yes, but he's getting predictable. I knew who it was when I saw the title.   

       But you know what they say - Nothing ventured, nothing Rogained.
normzone, Sep 29 2017

       As long as there is a comb over variation called The Trumpf, then you can claim this morsel +
xenzag, Sep 29 2017

       but, it's still got a rash from getting that Brazilian in the 80's.   


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