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International identity

Display the country
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I recieve a lot of international calls to my mobie...quite often it shows the number following +xyz. Phones should be built with software that recognises the country code of the number and dispay it along side, or beneath the number when you recive a call. An added benefit of this would be when storing a number it could automatically add the country after the name.
shinobi, Mar 21 2006

CALLER ID http://www.palmgear...did=109868&siteid=1
Baked I use this on my Treo [Braindead, Mar 22 2006]


       Brilliant, should be quite easy to code that as long as the networks forward the full phone number. Anyone from Nokia in the bakery?
Texbinder, Mar 21 2006

       Aren't the cell phone carriers the folks responsible for software elements that would drive this sort of invention as opposed to the cell phone manufacturers?
bristolz, Mar 22 2006

       Totally baked on mobile Skype.
kinemojo, Aug 16 2007


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