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Internet-Content Radio-Cache

Popular Internet Content re-broadcast wirelessly
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The newspapers are also going on about such-and-such website crashed today because it was so popular etc.

Since this usually means lots of people from round the world are trying to access the exact same content; why not utilise a small bit of the radio-spectrum to rebroadcast popular items on a repeating 'carrousel; like you would with teletext.

You would need a new type of n/w card in your pc capable of receiving IP packets (read-only obviously) and software to seamlessly combine your 'real' internet connection.

At least then the slow-down shouldn't happen as the system is immune from high-usage; and even for users who don't have new technology, they would benefit from reduced loading anyway from those who do...

monojohnny, Feb 14 2007


       I guess - or any broadcast technology - is there something that already caching stuff on demand ?   

       If so - yes.
monojohnny, Feb 14 2007


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