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Home Router with Priority Connection

The kids can have the bandwidth I don't need
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I have the standard home DSL with wireless router setup. I'm happy for the kids and their friends to hook up to the router. What I don't like is that when they decide to play Alien Death Robot Zombie 17 (or whatever) online the router shares the bandwidth equally between that and the report I'm trying to download for my work. If I'm feeling really grumpy or in a hurry I'll tell them to stop the game for a while, but what I'd really like is a router which can be set up with one or more priority connections.

These get as much bandwidth as they need, subject to what's available on the line (and the needs of the other priority connections).

Then there are the normal connections - these share only the bandwidth the priority connections are not using.

A refinement would be a percentage that the non-priority connections get as a minimum, e.g. I can tell the router that the non-priority connections can take up to 10% of the bandwidth - if they request it - so that the kids can still check email or download stuff slowly without having a significant impact.

Steve Adams, Feb 23 2008

DD-WRT's QoS capabilities http://www.dd-wrt.c.../Quality_of_Service
DD WRT is replacement software for many low-cost home routers [krelnik, Feb 23 2008]


       What you describing is a managed router. Way easier if you are just managing two ports, both wired, or at least one wired, but tougher if you are both wireless. If both wireless you'd have to lock/limit by MAC address.   

       If you are wired and they are wireless, just drop the wireless comm speed down to the minimum which is probably 1M, if you have a 1.5M DSL, that would at least reserve a third for you.
MisterQED, Feb 23 2008

       Funnily enough (without being comical) I'm working on a project to build a router that clamps down on bandwidth of a network game - for teaching purposes.   

       You basically need a router that clamps down bandwidth on particular ports from particular IP addresses.
Jinbish, Feb 23 2008

       You might be able to tweak a BT Home Hub to do this (yes, they're rubbish, I know).   

       BT are launching OpenWiFi - a wifi sharing scheme - you need a BT Home Hub to join and it will allow other members to use any unused bandwidth on your line, while giving you priority and security. Of course you can hijack other people's unused bandwidth as well. Quite a good idea really.   

       I sound like a salesman.
wagster, Feb 23 2008

       What you want is a router with software that supports "Quality of Service" (QoS) allocations. Many of the commercial ones do not, but in some cases you can load an open source replacement onto the router that does. See my link for one such replacement's approach to QoS.
krelnik, Feb 23 2008


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