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Internet Powers

Hero can physically move to anywhere with an open internet communication
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This has been knocking around in my brain ever since I started using the internet. Who among us has not wished to slap someone right in the face, in real time, because of their dumb or offensive comments online?

Pop culture shall satisfy this urge in our minds with a hero!

Hero of yet to be determined name with internet powers would have the ability to physically move a part of himself or all of himself (much like portal) into one computer screen and out of another, provided that the two have open communication established, eg facebook chat being open, instant messenger being open, or any other forum in which comments are displayed in real time. This power would of course be used for "good," but the visuals would serve as imagination fodder for every frustrated person on the internet with a less noble cause.

Imagine being able to imagine yourself smacking a stranger in the face, through the internet, in sparkling technicolor and 3d.

Kumawktopus, Oct 04 2014

Use this! https://www.youtube...watch?v=iz13HMsvb6o
[bob, Oct 05 2014]

Lain http://en.wikipedia...al_Experiments_Lain
A girl with internet powers [Voice, Oct 05 2014]


       Ive attached a video demonstrating a real app that will allow you to do this by though human proxy.
bob, Oct 05 2014

       This is atleast as old an unoriginal idea as reaching into the phone and strangling the person on the other end. This is an idea that everybody has and has been depicted and disseminated visually in a widespread way through mass media.
rcarty, Oct 05 2014

       God help them on dial-up.   

       Perhaps this explains why Clark Kent needs a phone booth to make the change?
not_morrison_rm, Oct 05 2014

       Would the hero try to help people in trouble? Or just smack people around?
bungston, Oct 05 2014

       Is it a bird? Is it a man? Its Interpet!
pashute, Oct 06 2014

       I think this type of power would be better adapted to a bad guy role. I could see a whole new Friday the 13th series based on the villain.
RayfordSteele, Oct 07 2014

       [pashute] working on it! Or as you would know not-working.
rcarty, Oct 08 2014

       [bob], isn't somebody releasing that app at this moment? I heard an interview a short while back, but can't remember the name of it.
normzone, Oct 08 2014

       Somebody is about as bizarre and creepy as an app comes.
RayfordSteele, Oct 08 2014

       Please you're referring to a technological consumer item to appeal to a synthesis of global cultural norms, around consumer opinion thereby bringing about a rationalization of abnormal that is in a sense consuming social orders, and being anti-relativist.
rcarty, Oct 08 2014

       ^ Maybe Google Translate could help.
RayfordSteele, Oct 09 2014

       Let me explain more clearly. Cryptic comments are sort of like the indirect communications of other cultures compared to the west, where a certain type of corporate communications has pervaded the entirety. Communications, like the degree area, is a kind of antisociology because it reduces social issues to the function of clear communications, and potentially unclear communications to individual problems and not in fact relevant anticommunications in a social conflict, thus we refer to the common distinction between functionalism and conflict. Examine the comment by pashute he infers something about philosophy. My last comment was about how psychological regimes attempt to use rationalized communications to bring about global homogeneity, especially within a discourse of identifying a sin, and bringing about repentance, even a total conversion to another order. A little weird, creepy, odd is nice.   

       One major benefit of communicating in a sort of cryptic way, is that the erroneousness corresponds to certain types within behavioral regimes. It can make the content inaccessible to those uninitiated to the polemic that encapsulates the opponent as an agent of the opposing order. High risk strategy involving numerous social forms, but victory is immanent given that on a similar but separate front moderate drug users are trouncing puritanicals in a long conflict that has seen thousands killed and imprisoned in various ways.
rcarty, Oct 09 2014


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