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Intra-Office Carrier Pigeons

Nerf homing pigeons for inter-cubicle communications
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Now that we all work in one big, happy, open plan office (whatever happened to walls? There was a run on sheet rock?), we can often see all the people we need to talk to on a daily basis. Yelling at them is easy when we need their attention immediately, but there are other communications that are not quite so urgent.

For this, we provide the Nerf Carrier Pigeon. Simply fold missive into slot provided, attach Post-It to back or write message on flat bottom with the dry erase marker tucked inside its chest. Toss over to colleague. Extra points if it lands in his/her coffee.

(Just to reiterate, we are talking about things made out of Nerf foam, as opposed to things that flap about and poop white splotches on your best suit.)


Originally posted Apr 24 2001, back when we at least had cubicle walls.

DrCurry, May 26 2003

For badgers http://www.halfbake...physical_20internet
[DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       do pigeons have flat bottoms? just asking. sp: woik.   

       I am going to get into such trouble writing. Dear Mrs Smith, Ronnie has been woiking so hard this term.
po, May 26 2003

       who needs to worry about overhead pigeon poo? not i.
bubblegrrl79, May 26 2003

       poo is not a problem, they use the office litter tray. or was it the in-tray?
po, May 26 2003

       I prefer the mortar-round method. "Clear!" *WHOMP* Shoot those pigeons out of the sky.
oatcake, May 26 2003

       'Good Throwing Arm' could go onto one's cv/resume under the heading of 'communications skills'
Jinbish, May 28 2003

       I like those cash torpedoes they used to have in suprmarkets that the checkout lady put in the suction tube and sometimes you could watch it shoot up along the tubes along the ceiling and away to the main office. I guess you would need a lot of tubing in an office, but only as many tube routes as pigeons. And there's no poo.
badgers, May 28 2003

       oh good.
po, May 28 2003

       badgers: pneumatic tubes used to be commonplace in offices as well as shops. We've discussed them extensively elsewhere.
DrCurry, May 28 2003

       well we should bring them back, then. I sometimes work with sensitive data and I'm sure we could have a 'restricted' tubing network, a 'secret' network and an 'unclassified' network as we do with the computers. Pigeons, tubes, electrons, it's all TCPIP isn't it?
badgers, May 28 2003


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