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London Eye offices

Everyone can have the penthouse
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Basically a big Ferris wheel with large office pods on it. Power supplied by slip rings. Wireless internet. A good view, some of the time. Toilets that only flush half the time. Get one over your competitors, roughly once per turn.

(a bit similar to Cubicle Elevator, except for where it's not similar)

Ling, Sep 22 2010

Cubicle Elevator Cubicle_20Elevator
By the legendary DrCurry [Ling, Sep 22 2010]

Lawyer offices version http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunking
Bottom quarter (or half) submerged to get this effect. [doctorremulac3, Sep 22 2010]


       "This is a cyclical business, but we're on our way up!"
hippo, Sep 22 2010

       What about the Accounts department ? If you take them up into the sunlight, they turn to dust ...
8th of 7, Sep 22 2010

       you'd have to be pretty prompt in the mornings, otherwise you'd be very late!
Percy_Bollard, Sep 22 2010

       Make'em waterproof so that part of your working-day could be subaqua
/The Thames is clean enough now
Dub, Sep 22 2010

       + (so not for Eye Doctors then?)
xandram, Sep 22 2010

       This would be great for a law office only with open windows and partially submerged. (see link)
doctorremulac3, Sep 22 2010

       ...just swimming in work...up to my neck in it...
Ling, Sep 22 2010

       //Toilets that only flush half the time.//....if there are only two pods/offices.   

       A little geometry problem here. Say there are X pods on the FW Office:   

       Toilets that flush 1/X of the time.   

       Bun. [+]   

       [doc]Great link!
Boomershine, Sep 22 2010

       And nothing says this thing has to rotate at a continuous rate. Lots of price/rent options--too numerous to list--open up with a variable speed.   

       This might require a bit more real estate...but it could also rotate on its radial axis (like spinning a flat lollipop on its stick). Variable panoramic views. More nausea.
Boomershine, Sep 22 2010

       A little more speed and everything inside the "offices" will be plastered firmly against the walls.
infidel, Sep 22 2010

       Sweet. You'd know right where everything was.
Boomershine, Sep 22 2010

       At least until the central hub fails.
infidel, Sep 24 2010

       // Toilets that flush 1/X of the time. //   

       I think the principle here is that the toilet will only flush while the pod is above the centre of rotation, so the water can flow downhill.
Alx_xlA, Sep 25 2010

       Airplane toilets flush more often than when they are on the ground. I'm sure we could fix up something this size with a chemical holding tank or two.
ye_river_xiv, Sep 26 2010

       After I barfed I could get down to business, or wait, better yet, a perpetual sick day off. I'd get sent home everyday, after my morning yak.!!!+++++
blissmiss, Sep 26 2010

       //Nothing but toilets.//   

       Hmm. If each pod has/is a toilet, couldn't you just speed the rotation enough to fling the 'product' outward and away from the penthouse?
Boomershine, Sep 26 2010

       Don't be silly, [Boomer]. Then they'd have to call it The London Browneye.
infidel, Sep 26 2010


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