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Lazarus's Legs Glasses

auto folding leg glasses
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Lazarus was dead but rose again, and this is why his name has been appropriated to these new automated glasses.

When you take off a pair of Lazarus's Legs Glasses, the legs automatically fold over into the storage position. This process reverses itself when you pick them up again, with the legs fully unfolding ready for wear.

This is possible because of the presence of a pair of micro electric motors at the two hinge points. These are activated due to a set of sensors by the action of taking the glasses away from the face.

When you set the glasses down, the legs slowly fold over into their inactive mode, and unfold again like Lazarus rising up when they detect the action of them being picked up by a finger and thumb grip at two specific points on the frame.

xenzag, Jan 10 2023

Opti-Grab https://youtube.com/watch?v=i5jTH89HjTA
[a1, Jan 10 2023]

The saddest thing - a dying bug https://www.thefarside.com/2023/01/13/0
Proof that the funny pages read HB [a1, Jan 13 2023]

Small motor torque https://www.robotpa...-Motor-20500-Rpm-3V
[bs0u0155, Jan 13 2023]


       // specific points in the frame //   

       Could be built into the Opti-Grab, shirley?
a1, Jan 10 2023

       [+] as royalty payment for flabby car skin I added multiple color waves to.
doctorremulac3, Jan 10 2023

       [+] but I think it could be done passively through springs and levers instead of electric motors.
pocmloc, Jan 10 2023

       //electric motors//
Batteries & all that guff? Nah.
I reckon you could do it with micro-fluidics; a couple of pressure points at the "normal hold" positions on the frame (or possibly even everywhere on the rims), some small "balloon" type actuators on the hinges. Squeeze -> open, squeeze again -> close.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 10 2023

       // Batteries & all that guff? Nah.//   

       "Nah?" I'll see your Nah and raise you a Pfft! It's all that guff that makes this halfbaked.   

       That, and the lack of an Opti-Grab.
a1, Jan 10 2023

       My original idea from many years ago was to have 3 legs on either side that folded over in sequence like that of a dying bluebottle fly, a process that has always filled with me with great sadness to see.
xenzag, Jan 11 2023

       Oh I LIKE this. It would definitely not be cheap, but neither were my prescription Ray-Bans! [+]
21 Quest, Jan 11 2023

       Might it be possible with memory metals, activated by the heat and/or conductivity of your skin?
21 Quest, Jan 11 2023

       Has to be motors, gears and levers to make it fully halfbaked.
xenzag, Jan 13 2023

       The motors and gears etc would have to be quite hefty, it's a very small hinge and you're moving quite a large lever while actuating it from very close to the pivot. Presumably you want this to happen on a relatively quick time scale? It probably isn't possible, but lets run the numbers.   

       For a ball park, small motors turn at 20,000-50,000 rpm, you're looking for a 1/4 rotation in ~1second. So that's 15rpm. Call it a 20,000:1 gear reduction. The most space efficient way of getting big torque multiplication in one step is a worm gear. You can get ~300:1 out of a worm drive so two steps: 300x300 = 90,000 is in the right range. 150x150 gets us where we need to be. The smallest motor I can find a torque value for <link> (which is way too large) is 1.9g/cm. Now multiplying the tourque gets us 40kg/cm. We will have losses in the gearing however ~15%/step so we lose ~30% = 28kg/cm. That gives us 2.8kg at the end of a 10cm glasses arm. That's respectable, actually. Maybe a motor ~1/4 the size, say 12x5mm could work. I'm guessing efficiency trends downward with small sizes, but still I think it's workable if you're willing to put up with the weight. There's still somewhere to find for the battery of course. Something like a CR2032 coin cell should be OK.   

       The down side of work gears is they can't be back-driven. So if your battery dies, the glasses are staying open/folded until you replace it. Also, if you sit on them etc. they won't fold, they'll just bend/break.
bs0u0155, Jan 13 2023

       I leave all of that malarkey to my technical assistants. If they build it, I will come. (and pay them)
xenzag, Jan 13 2023


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