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As a high school sophomore, I hate riding buses, I have all my life. It is so crowded and there is only one aisle to get into a seat, finding a seat is difficult. You are in everyones view as you walk down the aisle. Also, sometimes sadistic bus drivers will kill themselves and their passengers.

I believe that accidents, such as those concerning buses, aren't accidents, like the bus crash that happened this year in wisconsin. I watched a Max X video, a bus had fallen off a bridge into a river, and all of it's elderly passengers and the driver had drowned. One can assume all the poor elderly people on the bus made a mad rush for the exit, as the bus sailed through the air and crashed into the water. This bus invention, is an inverted bus. There are doors all the way along the length of the bus.

There are compartments for passengers, and the compartments have their own door to the outside. This is much more safe, and much more comfortable for all passengers.

I wonder how they might get out in a roll over? Or the bus lies on it's side, there could be crawlspace exits to the top and bottom of the bus (roof and floor). In case the bus lands on it's side, and the top or bottom against a wall, the passengers have two other ways out, crawl over the seats to the other compartments, and get out, or go through the remaining exit. The seats would face outward from the bus, so that everyone in a compartment does not run over the guy sitting by the door.

I think buses that crash and everyone dies, are not accidents, the bus driver was definitely out to kill everyone, I think this just like how I don't think engineering flaws are accidents (like the flaw that caused chernoybl to release toxic radiation into the atmosphere).

EvilPickels, May 25 2006


       So... you just walk around the bus until you find an empty compartment? Nice.
methinksnot, May 25 2006

       Oh I'm sorry, I forgot you can't read.   

       The bus has doors to the outside, it's not on the inside, you fucking idiot. The bus is basically a shell with doors to the outside, compartments seperate each door, the door goes to the outside. Do you comprehend what I am saying?   

       You insult my intelligence, go to hell.   

       EDIT: I do have to give credit and thanks to the person who pointed out that I wrote this wrong, reuslting in the thought that this was a bus that had regular seats but with doors on them.That is nowhere near correct.
EvilPickels, May 26 2006

       How about an aisle on each side of the seats (with the seats together) so there are two escape routes, instead of one aisle down the middle seperating the seats. In the event of a side collision there would also be more crush room.
leif980, May 26 2006

       leif that is much better :)   

       I would like to apologize for what I said, my first reactions are usually mistaken. What I thought you said, was: "So you just walk through the bus, looking for a compartment, which seperates the seats from the inside of the bus", which was the same design as there already is, but with pointless doors on the inside.   

       I did not think you actually meant going *Around* the bus looking for a seat, which is a complication I did not notice.
EvilPickels, May 26 2006

       [Evil] - Would it help you at all if you took a normal bus, but rearranged the seats so that they were all facing towards the windows with their backs to the aisle? That way you wouldn't have everyone looking at you as you walked in, but you wouldn't get the engineering problems of building a fifty-door bus.
wagster, May 26 2006

       How about just leaving the walls and roof off the bus. Bolt a bunch of benches to a flatbed truck and you are done.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 27 2006

       <You insult my intelligence> Nothing there to be insulted.   

       I forgot you can't think through the implications of this "idea": Soaring prices for bus tickets as buses suddenly become very expensive - doors do have a price. Huge mechanical problems as there are more doors to fail than before (oh wait, you "think" that all engineering problems are caused by those evil, scheming engineers, so I will reformulate it: There are more doors to be sabotaged by those evil, evil technicians.)   

       Oh, and, by the way, you just insulted an entire profession. Good job!
Saruman, May 29 2006

       Several professions. Fatal bus accidents being the wrongdoings of psychotic bus drivers. Jesus. Buses seem to be among the most unsafe thing ever to be put on wheels.
jellydoughnut, May 31 2006

       Reading these annotations is an emotional rollercoaster ride.
Texticle, Jun 01 2006

       Saruman, did you read the rest of the annos? I admit, that first response was inflammatory in the extreme, but if you could just see past your pride and your ego there was a complete apology oh, about half a screen down. Reading down was too much effort?   

       At the same time though, even engineers need to ride the bus sometimes. You really believe they would design dangerous weaknesses into vehicles that they, or their families had to use? [EP], you need to think your conspiracy theories through a little more thoroughly.
david_scothern, Jun 01 2006

       Sounds remarkably like the old steam train carriages.   

       Speaking as a completely un-insulted engineer - \\sometimes sadistic bus drivers will kill themselves and their passengers\\ - priceless. Evil bastards. Bun for that line alone.
moomintroll, Jun 01 2006

       reading this idea and the annotations was by far the most unpleasant experience of my week. quadruple fish.
epicproblem, Jun 01 2006


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