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Luxury Commute

Play, Eat, Work - Commute
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You know the tightened jaw. White knuckles on the steering wheel. The guy alongside you flips you off, the woman is back is picking her nose. Sheesh! Commutting is not fun!

But, maybe it can be, plus you can get work done along the way so you don't have to see the same people flipping you off or nose mining late at night.

A privately-owned bus will pick up subscribing commuters at a designated time (sorry, if you're late, you'll have to join the nose pickers).

Each seat will have enough room for a desk/table, wireless connection, listening station and seat that can recline. Privacy is provided by a cubicle-like enclosure (no funny stuff! Oh, what the heck, just keep it quiet you two!).

What do you think?

DaisyFizz, Nov 08 2003


       [daisy] I like it. I'd sign up.
jonthegeologist, Nov 09 2003

       Hi - I like this too (I do 80 miles a day) plus if you get stuck in traffic it's likely to be believed.   

       A tasty Croissant served to you with a cuppa on your luxury commute.
p1stonbroke, Dec 13 2003

       It would be done up limo-style! I am really digging this! DAMN, they better stop at the first Java Jive. And they'd have the TV on with the morning news. I'm all over this. Finally I wouldn't be so reluctant to take the short bus!
pleasefondleme, Jan 26 2004


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