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Horizontally Aligned Periscope Bus

Inspired by [Brett-Blob] and asked to post by [bleh]
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A 45 degree mirror at the front of the bus reflects the image up to the 45 degree mirror above the driver, which reflects along the length of the bus to another 45 degree mirror at the back of the bus that reflects down to a 45 degree mirror that reflects the image at you.
Giblet, Sep 29 2007

(?) Inspired by this. Bus_20Forward_20view_20LCD_20TV
[Giblet, Sep 29 2007]

truck_20ramps [the dog's breakfast, Sep 30 2007]


       I'm true to my word, [+] from me.
bleh, Sep 29 2007

       So when are we gunna see -glass bus-, -tubular bus-, -bus on stilt wheels- or -no bus- posted?   

       Still think all you need are Truck ramps.
the dog's breakfast, Sep 30 2007


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