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Irobot Honey Do Clone

LCD Video Screen Cover for your Irobot vacuum
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Irobots are great... Roomba, Scooba, Dirt Dog etc.

But to truly multitask you must virtually clone yourself.

I propose an LCD Video cover for the robot with Mic and cam. Project your image on the robot and answer to the honey do clean up tasks virtually.

It's just like being there and any verbal bickering may continue as normal. Slack off and surf the internet from the comfort of your lazy boy, while monitoring the clean up work.

I dub this my Honey Do Clone Cover.

Shapharian, Sep 25 2007

Woomba http://www.youtube....watch?v=bND35w8joLU
[xipetotec, Sep 26 2007]


       En Espanol: Yo, Robot.
theleopard, Sep 25 2007


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