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Kirby Lipo Attachment

"I like this swimsuit, but it's a bit tight"
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I recently let myself be sold a Kirby vacuum cleaner. I'm trying to feel bad about it, but the damn thing was so well engineered I was sold from the moment we started taking it apart and examining it.

It didn't hurt that the salesguy used it to shampoo my filthy living room carpet as his demo.

Now I need a liposuction attachment, and an instructional video to go with it.

normzone, Jul 21 2007

Kirby sales pitch http://www.cockeyed...en/kirby/kirby.html
A classic. But is it worth $1k+ ? [jutta, Jul 21 2007]

Darwin Award 1999: vacuum liposuction http://www.darwinaw.../darwin1999-60.html
In spite of the safety problems with that idea, cause of death was lidocaine overdose. [jutta, Jul 21 2007]

The device in question http://www.familyvac.com/K-4sale.jpg
So nice to see good engineering for a change [normzone, Jul 21 2007, last modified Jan 10 2008]

Sanguinarium - vacuum liposuction gone mad. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0751197/
[po, Jul 22 2007]


       Yikes! How much did they take you for?
jutta, Jul 21 2007

       One K even. I don't usually buy things from sales people, but if you'd seen my carpet, you'd understand.   

       The attachment was my fiancee's idea, but I have offered to buy her a new swimsuit. Don't know if we'll make it to La Jolla Cove today or not :-)
normzone, Jul 21 2007

       I was expecting a big round pink collection bag with the motor tuned to sound just like Kirby inhaling.
Aq_Bi, Jul 22 2007

       Too funny. The device has it's own detachable tank for shampoo/water, and dispenses it out, scrubs it around, and then you go back and suck it up.   

       My vacuum cleaner was on it's last legs, and my carpet looked like the place you park an old car. I was seduced by technology.
normzone, Jul 22 2007

       Update - I just used my Kirby to dispose of a body. I had to go over it several times, and it didn't do anything about the weight (damn physics!), but I think it will be safe to put the vacuum bag in the dumpster now.   

       It's not a vacuum, it's an industrial black hole.
normzone, Aug 18 2007

       Got a 50 yr old kirby that still kicks ass. One downfall, plastic impellor, everything else is freaken solid steel.
evilpenguin, Aug 19 2007

       Understood. This generation of impellers is kevlar.
normzone, Aug 19 2007

       <Seinfeld> 'I tell you what, give me the cheesecake, crank me up to nine, and put a scoop of ice cream on the side.'
bnip, Sep 14 2007


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