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Incinerating vacuum cleaner

More hygienic and with a teeny amount of power generation
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Vacuum cleaners suck up a lot of flammable stuff. In the case of dust, it's in a far more flammable state than it would be as a bulk material. Whatever kind of vacuum cleaner it is, it eventually needs to be emptied, cleaned or whatever. The contents then ends up as a relatively minor contribution to landfill or is incinerated.

It would be a lot easier if, instead of letting this happen, the debris was incinerated by the vacuum cleaner. This would not only reduce the waste but also provide a small power output to help run the machine. I envisage something like an internal combustion engine. The exhaust is then reheated and burnt again.

Alternatively, the vacuum cleaner could have its own gas supply and suck and blow settings, doubling as a flame thrower.

nineteenthly, Dec 07 2006


       It seems somewhat unneeded and menacing. I like it! +
twitch, Dec 07 2006

       I was considering posting an idea very similar to this a while ago. I decided not to, on the grounds that:
a) It would probably be pretty inefficient
b)It would likely be a fire hazard
c)I don't know enough about incinerators to sustain an argument about its viability.
hidden truths, Dec 08 2006

       Needs a catchy name. Kirby and Rainbow are already taken.   

       Vacinerator? (NOTE: not a call for a list)
normzone, Dec 08 2006

       (-) Exhaust gases will be harmful for human beings as well as surroundings; you will require portable chimney with bag filter to trap the ash & it will require frequent cleaning. Combustion control will be difficult & there can even be explosion. There may be some more drawbacks but right now I can think only of those above.
vedarshi, Dec 08 2006

       Use during winter (with a pretty good air filter of course), clean AND heat your house at the same time!
twitch, Dec 08 2006

       If it can run on ethanol then it would be a clean green vacuum machine!
istill316, Dec 08 2006

       Cordless. Turbine powered. Doubles as a flamethrower. Now There's a vacuum you can get ANY man to use.
twitch, Dec 08 2006

       If it was also a robot vaccinerator (love the name), it could also be used in "robot wars" type scenarios. As far as the exhaust problem is concerned, it could either be connected to a chimney, which would mean it was no longer cordless in one sense, or the operator could wear safety gear. And [twitch], yes, it could be made really macho and encourage men to do the hoovering.
nineteenthly, Dec 08 2006

       My neighbor takes a supersoaker and bike peg to create a flamethrower, quite devestating to just about everything he can see, and now you want to make a flamethrower even more accesible? I'm moving.
krigre55, Nov 30 2007


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