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Masterwork Pot of Mythical Enforcement

this pot really won't boil when watched.
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I saw a commercial for the latest Samsung Android smartphone which has a neat feature. Using the front-facing camera, it follows your eyes when a video is playing and automatically pauses the video if your attention is diverted. I also saw an HB idea about a pot which detects a boil-over condition and raises itself off the burner if such a condition is present. My idea is to combine these two technologies to enforce the myth that a watched pot won't boil.

Right before the contents of the pot start to boil, a webcam-style camera scans the room for prying eyes. If anybody is looking in the direction of the pot, it raises itself up and will not allow the boiling to commence until all eyes are averted.

21 Quest, Jun 30 2013


       and secretly does a 1 second call to one randomly selected person on your phone contacts list, so they will call you back, in order to maximise boiling over pot devastation distraction.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 01 2013

       + I think this is good. (I just bought a camera with *pet mode*- it won't shoot the photo until the pet faces the camera and then the face triggers the camera to shoot.) Hooray for technology.
xandram, Jul 01 2013

       Nice. My Galaxy Tab has a smile detection feature, so it automatically snaps the picture when it sees teeth. I've gotten some pretty interesting results.
21 Quest, Jul 01 2013


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