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Iron Invertastand

Holds the iron in your hotel room upside-down
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One of the trickiest aspects of heating a can of soup or making toast in a hotel room is holding the iron upside-down. It takes concentration and a steady hand to avoid spilling your meal on the floor – until now!

The Invertastand holds the upturned hotel-room iron stably and securely while your midnight snack or frugal breakfast cooks on top*. When not in use, it folds compactly for easy transport in your suitcase.

*Or should that be on the bottom?

AO, Sep 10 2003


       And bring a second iron if you want toast.
FarmerJohn, Sep 10 2003

       Wierd. I had never heard of this practice until this morning when I was reading "On the road", and now you're on about it! There's something going on.
squeak, Sep 10 2003

       [bliss] If you mean the one inhabited by Kerouac you should be glad.
AO, Sep 10 2003

       Bring a third iron if you want to eat your breakfast in freshly pressed trousers
DeathNinja, Sep 10 2003

       This explains the chicken soup that came out of the last hotel iron I tried to use.
Don Quixote, Sep 10 2003

       <light dawns glorious, angels sing. the hotel iron will never be the same again.>
k_sra, Sep 10 2003


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