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Lava Crock

crock pot with lava lamp exterior
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If you think crock pot cooking is boring, then you might like the new Lava Crock. The pot works like the regular old boring ones, but the exterior is made with the materials of a heavy-duty lava lamp. As the pot warms on the inside, so does the exterior. As the food begins to cook, the lava starts to dance and swirl making your counter top a visual experience.

Imagine hosting a buffet with several of these, all designed in different colors and motifs. (provided you are not prone to motion sickness)

xandram, Nov 26 2007


       Mushrooms, anyone?
4whom, Nov 26 2007

       laverly +
xenzag, Nov 26 2007

       This would also be a neat change for the boring oven door window.
phoenix, Nov 26 2007

       Me like. [+]
theleopard, Nov 26 2007

       good idea [phoenix]- maybe electric coffee percolators and some other boring kitchen appliances!
xandram, Nov 26 2007

       A fine idea, [+], but I was expecting a tabletop container of molten rock !
batou, Nov 26 2007

       [batou] that's not a bad idea for fondue!
xandram, Nov 27 2007


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